1976 Custom Built Motorcycles Pro Street

Price: US $10,900.00
Item location: Morehead City, North Carolina, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Pro Street
Year: 1976
Mileage: 5,000
Vehicle Title: Clear

Bryan Fuller from Fuller Hot Rods was Co-host of tv show ?€?2 Guys Garage?€?on Speed  Channel.   The building process of ?€?Rodan?€?was featured in the first 4 episodes of another tv show-Caf?© Racer on HD Theater-and in Bryan?€™s how-to-book ?€?Full-bore sheat metal?€?

Frame: 1976 Honda CB750 w/custom rear section

Engine: Honda 750 w/836 kit and CR Carbs

Rear Swing Arm:  Yamaha Seca II modified to have oil tank

Rear wheel(size):5. 50-18?€? steel rim w/stainless spokes

Front wheel (size): 3. 50-18?€? steel rim w/stainless spokes

Rear Shocks:Fox Shock w/Hyperco

Bars: custom made stainless clip-ons w/Berringer Controls

Headlight: Custom cast housing w/Buell lens and ring

Seat: Handcrafted Aluminum seat pan w/red leather by John Walker

Tank: Honda Tank modified w/knee cutouts w/aircraft gas cap

Rear set: custom made

Tail Section: Handmade Aluminum rear w/cast tail light bezel

Battery: speedcell race battery

Tires (sizes): Front  110/80-18. Rear  180/55-18

Exhaust:  Custom stainless pipes w/cone engineering mufflers

Paint:  Custom paint by JDK w/stripping by PaPa Studios

Plating/polishing:  Pro Plating Atlantic

All Hardware is Stainless ARP

In Bryan?€™s words ?€?this bike was built to very high standards?€? He built two of these bilkes at once.   This was the mockup/test  for the show and Bryan?€™s personal ride afterwards.   Based off of Fuller hot rods determined value of this bike is worth $30 to $40K.   The Rodan won second place in the AMD World Championships at the 2011 Sturgis motorcycle rally.

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