Price: £7,500.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Worsley, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Make: Ducati
Model: SPORT 175
Year: 1958
Gears: Five-speed manual


If you want to compete at the Moto Giro consider this old Ducati.

Lots of Giro provenance. I've ridden it there twice and I also lent it [with a financial inducement of course] to a friend of mine from Australia. Hi Alan.

The bike has many special bits. Ceriani forks. Borrani rims. dual front brake. YSS shocks etc. but it has a huge amount of trickery in the motor too. far too much to list here but suffice to say it has a Yoshimura piston. 7mm Stainless valves with coil springs and solid rockers. rebuilt crank. extensively ported cylinder head and a 5 speed gearbox.

If you think it's expensive then you're right. it is. but I only have one of these and after a few minutes scratching on an old envelope I realised that I could never afford to build another one.

It's ?7500 and I know it's a tatty lump but I can't really bring myself to tart it up. it's recently come back from a couple of days hurtling around Gairloch and I would have no qualms about going anywhere on it anytime. it carburates beautifully. starts easily. charges perfectly [12 volts obviously] the brakes are stunning. the handling is outrageous and the noise it makes never fails to put a smile on my face. If you're thinking of spending 3 or 4 grand on a pretty 175 to do the Giro. take care. it's easy to think that a few odd jobs are easy to fix. they aren't! believe me! You can easily spend a huge amount of cash on a bike that fails on the first day. If you'd like to see or hear this bike. please ring me and I'll drag it out of the garage. don't expect a gleaming gem though. it's made to be used.

Contact numbers:   07970 622650   0161 703 9536.

One last thing. the price is not negotiable.

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