1965 Harley Aermacchi Ducati 250 Sprint AHRMA flattrack project

1965 Harley Davidson Aermacchi Sprint

Price: US $610.00
Item location: Whitefish, Montana, United States
Make: Harley Davidson Aermacchi
Model: Sprint
Year: 1965
Mileage: 2
Vehicle Title: Clear

1965 Harley Aermacchi Ducati 250 Sprint AHRMA flattrack project Build it the way you want it! Here we have the basis for an AHRMA flattrack racer, r a unique street tracker, r a restoration.
The engine is a freshly rebuilt 250 Harley Davidson Aermacchi Sprint built by internationally recognised marque specialist Ron Lancaster. Ron can be contacted about the specifics of his rebuilds. Go to his website to see the cost of engines he offers. Reserve bid for this project bike is well under the cost of engine alone.
I have fired the engine, t runs fine. I haven’t retorqued the head or reset the valves since firing the engine, he buyer gets to do that.
The good---

CRS wheels- Front has Stainless spokes (new)- rear are painted spokes and no rust on spokes or steel wheels. brake shoes are good.

The frame is freshly powdercoated red.

Front forks are Ceriani 32mm., ood condition, ppear close to new, ith ARCES (Ceriani) alloy triple trees.

Tires are unused Goodyear Eagles - 19 front - 18 rear

Handle bars appear new

Levers appear to be Italian— might be Oriental reproductions, ho knows?

Throttle is a new Magura 1/4 turn. Grips are unused.

Tank is clean, resh paint but not well done, ou’ll want to repaint.

Engine # 65H 1840. 250cc

It is a total rebuild by Ron Lancaster. He runs them after the build and that runtime plus the few minutes I’ve run it, s the only time on the engine. What if any mods were done to the engine you will have to ask him. It is a points and alternator electrics engine.

Carburetor is Dellorto UB24B2, lean as new.

Header and straight through muffler are new. Chrome is unmarked.

Frame is freshly powder coated and there is no number on the head tube where the number normally goes. Swing arm bearing is good- no side play and freshly lubricated. Headset is in good condition ready to go.

Tank and fender no dents and painted to prevent rust but not for“pretty”.

Tank has the big indentation in the bottom for a big air cleaner.

The engine and rear wheel are set up for a 428 chain but a 530 front and rear cog and used chain come with the bike.

Saddle is new, our basic flattrack saddle.

The welded stand is included with bike.

The photos in this auction are older, rom before we started the engine. There is now a plug wire, hrottle cable, nd wiring as necessary to get the engine running.

Bike is lacking;

Brake and clutch cables (The brake cable in the photo is incorrect, nstalled so we could move the bike around safely.)

Wiring other than what we wired up to start the engine. Simplest solution ( though not the cheapest) is to put on the PowerDynamo system. If you want to make a street tracker all you need is a headlight, ail light and a couple of switches The PowerDynamo will fit in the original tool boxes which will require restoration, ut such restoration won’t be difficult. They’re basically in good shape.

Shocks -- you will need new ones. Supplied shocks are leaking, ight be rebuildable, tried to track down the parts.

Well, t’s probably lacking other stuff too, ut this is a project bike so you’ll end up building it your way.

The Details:

Shipping is the buyer’s responsibility but I will help in any way, ncluding meeting the shipper at a commercial location on a main highway. Please get your shipping estimates prior to bidding.

Winning bidder needs to make a $500 PayPal deposit within 24 hours, alance due in seven days.

Sold with Notarized Bill of Sale using engine number. Ebay doesn’t allow this option in its listings, here is NO clear title. I’m forced to enter“Clear Title” in order to post this auction.

Questions happily answered to the extent of my knowledge (I do NOT know what modifications Lancaster made to this motor, ou have to deal with him to learn those details. What I do know is that I’ve head the head off, verything in there is new.)

So you have here a Sprint ‘Macchi project motorcycle for less than the cost of the engine rebuild.

_gsrx_vers_577 (GS 6.7.5 (577))

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