1966 Honda ca95 Benly, "Baby Dream", 150cc NO RESERVE

1966 Honda CA

Price: US $1,500.00
Item location: New Rochelle, New York, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CA
SubModel: Benly
Year: 1966
Mileage: 3,324
VIN: CA955008773
Engine size: 150
Vehicle Title: Clear
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I had this motorcycle listed a few weeks ago and it was won by "an Oceanographer at Sea" who wanted to pay more than the winning bid for shipping and I somehow pay them back via my PayPal account. Please, f you are at Sea Captain or a Cosmonaut in space or a Scientist in the Antarctic... congrats to you but don't bother bidding if you cannot follow through with the simple instructions in this auction. Likewise Scammers and bidders with no or low history will have their bids deleted. Unfair to real ebay members and lets face it, t's fraud. So here it goes again...

For your consideration a very, ery nice vintage 1966 Honda ca95 Benly (which means “convenient” in Japanese) 150cc motorcycle that is also referred to as a “Baby Dream. 3300+ original miles.

Bought about 8 years ago from a farm in Connecticut. Running but was in need of some TLC to make it road worthy. Every single body/frame nut, olt and part was taken apart, leaned, iled, axed and put back together. Amazing how well all the hardware had held up and how high the quality was in these early import Japanese bikes. I did not restore or paint anything being more inclined to appreciate original condition or as close to original as possible than full-blown restoration. Every dent and scratch is consistent with a 50 year old well kept motorcycle. I did however modify a few items that just were just too worn from age.

The original tires were cracked. Both front & rear tires and tubes are six (6) years old with perhaps 500 miles on them. The 6volt battery is only three (3) seasons old, n excellent condition and put on a Tender at least once a month. All the switch gear and it’s electrics have been taken apart, ontacts cleaned and hand polished. Although they may look new in the pictures they are original 50 year old equipment. The mirrors that came with the bike may be reproductions. The seat also may be a reproduction as it looks too good to be original. Or maybe original but with a new cover on it. This is both a kick-start as well as electric start bike. Very easy to use either though I prefer kicking it. Comes with the original Honda tool kit.

I re-plumbed the fuel tank so that both front crossover tubes fill the lines to the carb. Previously the original petcock hole had been repaired and plugged. This is a very common area of rusting on these bikes. But the way I have it set-up now works great and have added an in-line glass fuel filter. Works perfect and looks period correct. Been looking for years for a replacement tank that is the same color but they have all been rust-buckets. However, long with the bike will come either: a NOS fuel tank but it is black in color or a used fuel tank in the right color but has a dent in the top of it, our choice. Since the present set-up works fine I never felt the need to change out for either tank and have it painted or have the dent pulled. Headlamp works on Hi & Low beam. Speedometer works fine and is accurate. Brake light works for rear brake only. Brakes work fine for drum brakes. All the brake and throttle cables are new. Horn works. Comes with two (2) keys. The bike just went through NY State inspection in May and as always… passed. It does not have turn-signals as they were an option back in 1966 and not required by law. But you can add them if you want. I just use hand-signals. I am running a newer aftermarket Keihan carb right now that works perfect. I have new reproduction handlebars installed but the old (rusty) originals come with the bike. Same go for the headers, ave shiny new reproductions but the original rusty ones will come with the bike. The original mufflers look worn out with a couple holes but function fine. Reproductions are cheap but I like the originals.

I bought a full engine gasket kit in the Winter or 2014 and had my mechanic change out all the original gaskets including the head gasket. Likewise in the Winter of 2015 I had all the engine rubber oil seals swapped out for new. Both of these projects were more about age of perishable items and preventative rather than needed repairs. With only 3324 miles on the bike as of this writing there was and is no need for rebuilding. Both of these kits (gasket & oil seal kit) cost under $20.00 each. The labor was a few hundred dollars. Many times you’ll hear “of course the bike marks it spot, t's an old bike”. That old wives tale does not apply here, il and fluid are as tight as anything Honda is putting out today.

Below is a list of Original & reproduction parts that come on or with the bike.

Original Carb & Keystar rebuild kit included.

Original Carb to Air Filter Cover

New Points & Condenser Plate

New Magneto (Dynamo)

New 6 Volt Lamps

New Handlebar Grips

Used Spares

Used Carb to Air Cleaner Rubber

Used Clutch & Perch switchgear

Used Starter Switch

Used Ignition Coil

Used Air Filter

Used Headlamp (low beam only) & Chrome Cover

Used Center Stand

Used Kickstand Hardware

Used Tool Kit Tray (White, rong color)

Misc. Used Control Cables

Couple bags of misc. hardware

OEM Fuel Tank(Black, ay be brand-new)

Box of brake pads, rake components and hubs.


New Kick-starter Rubber

New Shifter Rubber

New Center Stand Rubber

New Handlebars

New Rear Foot-peg Rubber

Deltran 6 Volt Battery Tender comes with the bike.

I started gathering all these new and used parts in anticipation of needing them for a big restore. But other than the mentioned appearance items I did not need to change one component, t all still works as in day one. I’d estimate this is over $800.00+ alone in spare vintage parts that will come with the bike.

What did take a long time was the process in getting the bike titled and registered with DMV. Almost a year of paperwork going back-and-forth to Albany. But eventually it all came together and the bike comes with a true registration (transferrable) and is presently insured, icensed and ridden. That's a real key item with these old bikes... that besides running correctly that they are legal.

My “No Reserve” asking price is a very low one for this bike in this condition with full legal DMV papers. It will allow the new owner to get into the Vintage and MotoGiro world on a budget. A full restore to better-than-new would be easy but if you follow the classic or vintage car or bike market “it’s only original once” is the resounding factor in keeping it an appreciative investment. She always draws a crowd of smiles and “how old is that bike” questions. She likes speeds in the 30’s and 40’s though I did get her up to 50mph a week ago, he fastest I ever rode her. The road tests for this bike in 1966 said it would go 62mph but I don't really think that is possible. This is NOT a highway bike rather one to enjoy and "smell the roses".

I’d encourage anyone interested to come see her in person and, s long as you have a valid motorcycle license, ake her for a ride. NO SHIPPING. Let me say that again, O SHIPPING and I cannot get involved in any shipping scenarios, ou will need to make any and all arrangements. This auction is limited to the lower 48.

$200.00 DUE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE END OF THE AUCTION, ASH OR PAYPAL ONLY. FULL PAYMENT WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS OF END OF AUCTION, ASH OR PAYPAL. I can hold the bike for up to 2 weeks for you but lack of space is my main reason for selling so no longer than that 2 weeks and that of course is after full payment.

There are less and less 150cc versions of this bike around nowadays but parts whether NOS from old dealers, eproductions from Asia of just the hundreds of them that are sadly broken up for parts are plentiful.

Please keep in mind this is a 50 year old motorcycle and as mentioned several times it is not restored. It is a Honda so needs almost no maintenance other than keeping her clean, hanging oil and lubed and maybe a tune-up every few years. It is not a new or even late model motorcycle. It is a Vintage Antique that you can ride around like any new small cc motorcycle or scooter. She should bring you as much fun and happiness as she has for me. I’ve tried to describe as much as I can about it realizing that, hile not exactly a big ticket buy, t is a very unique one.

I tried to offer a link to some of the history of this model which was a huge success for Honda. Unfortunately eBay will not allow it for some reason but if you go to the website "Motorcycle Classics" and enter ca95 Benly you'll see a whole bunch about this very popular model.

Also check out the ca95 section for parts right here on ebay.

Happy Bidding and feel free to contact me with any questions. I do reserve the right to end the auction at anytime as I have it advertised elsewhere.

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