Honda PC50 moped, Serial Number 1, 30 actual miles, from 1964 dealer convention

1964 Honda PC50

Price: US $400.00
Item location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Make: Honda
Model: PC50
Year: 1964
Mileage: 30
VIN: PC50-2000001
Color: Robin egg blue
Engine size: 50
Vehicle Title: Clear
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This Honda PC50 is serial number 1, sed for displayas a new modelat the 1964 Honda Motorcycle Dealer convention in Las Vegas(The first national Honda motorcycle dealer convention). Odometer shows 30 miles, ostly up and down our driveway when first purchased. I worked for American Honda (the U.S. arm of Honda Motor Co.) in the 1970's and bought this in about 1971 fromHonda when they were clearing some previous display units froma warehouse. When I bought the PC50 I got a Certificate of Origin, hich is how ownership for all motorcycles was transmitted to buyers at that time. Yearslater I realized I had lost the C of O and went through the process of getting a title issued by the State of Indiana in 2012, ut it has never been licensed.Since my purchase, he PC50 has spent almost its entire life displayed in museums(i.e. Auburn Cord Deusenberg Museum in Auburn, N; and most recently, he NATMUS auto/truck museum, lso in Auburn.) In need of space, ATMUS recentlydecided tono longer display motorcycles, o I now have it in my possession.

The PC50 is original in all respects.Notice the photo showing the PC50 license plate used for the1964 dealer convention display (unfortunately the license plate has gotten beat up somewhat in handling over the years). The PC50 finish shows a patina from50+ years on display in museums and warehousing. No polishing or preparation has been done for selling. The only preparation was draining gas when it was first placed in a museum. Chrome and plated parts show unpolished dullnessand paint shows some aging as would be expected.

The PC50 has a lever for engagement of the pedals with the engine. The engine can be disengaged allowing riding like a bicycle. Or it can be engaged and by pedaling a short distance the engine starts.But it hasn't been run in quite a long time. It can be licensed for road use (in Indiana) and is capable of about 30 or 35 mph. With its 4 cycle ohv 50cc engine it was state-of-the art in 1964. Front and rear brakes are controlled by handlebar levers, hrottle by the right twist grip.

To complete the sale I want $300 as non-refundable down payment / earnest money within48 hours to be paid viaPayPal or personal check to me. Shipment / pickup can beinitiated following my receipt of cash payment, bank certified check or clearance of your check throughyour bank.Buyer can pick up the unit at Fort Wayne, N or I will cooperate withyour shipper for their pickup. The unit is not currently palletized or crated for shipment. It is fairly light butshould be kept upright during shipment. If appropriate, can deliver to a buyer within 100 miles from Ft. Wayne after payment has been completed.

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