1973 Honda CB350F CB 350 Four Cylinder Classic in original impeccable condition

1973 Honda CB

Price: US $2,025.00
Item location: Spring, Texas, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CB
SubModel: 350 FOUR
Type: Standard
Year: 1973
Mileage: 4,699
VIN: CB350F-1038518
Color: Red
Engine size: 350
Vehicle Title: Clear

This bike was originally sold by Wheel Sport, nc. in Hickory, C. The owner kept it garaged and it was last inspected in 1981. After that the bike was relocated to the basement where it remained stored until I purchased it in 2005.
The bike required nothing but fresh gas and oil, carb clean and tune up and it was up and running again. The 1st/original NC title was signed over by the first owner and it remains open and ready for the second owner to register. The provenance on this bike is extensive and complete. The bike includes the original owners manual, ealer key fob and tool kit under the seat.
The paint on the bike is original and in amazing condition. The candy metallic flake is shiny and the bike has not had much sun damage as evidenced by the still bright orange painted red line on the Tachometer (commonly fades when left in sun). The original 4-4 pipes are in good condition considering how few lasted a decade. There are a few scratches and tiny dings on them but mostly the bottom pipes where you cant see from standing up. There is just a tiny amount of surface rust forming at the joints where these usually break down. I've kept the area oiled to preclude additional deterioration.
Bike has always been stored covered in my garage and I didn't run it enough over the past couple years. So when I decided to sell it, took it in to my bike tech in July and the following services have been performed at a cost well over $1,000:

  • Oil and filter change
  • New 12v Battery
  • fuel tank clean out
  • points and timing adjusted
  • Replaced all 4 spark plugs
  • carbs removed, onic soaked, leaned, ebuilt and synchronized
  • Remove, lean and rebuild petcock
  • All valves adjusted and set
  • front brake rebuilt with new pads, iston and Honda parts.
  • Rebuilt master cylinder
  • New Honda Air Filter
  • New battery
  • Chain lube

This bike is in better shape than I've personally seen another CB350F, nd I've owned five since 1982. I do have a reserve but I don't think it unreasonable as I believe this bike is within the same league as any of the other low mile high quality condition CB350Fs that have sold on eBay in the past year.

However, very bike I've ever seen had a few issues and since this one is not fully restored, t does as well. I want to point out every minor imperfection I know of to any potential buyer. Most folks wouldn't notice most of these standing beside the bike but I'm extremely nit picky, o I notice everything.

The tires are the original issue Bridgestone Speed 21s and they are in surprisingly decent shape after 43 years. But, ue to age, wouldn't trust them on the highway. I purchased a replacement new set of Cheng Shin tires and tubes and they'll go with the bike. There is also a surface rust spot on the top of the left handle bar. I have no idea why it would rust there but, t was like that when I got it. I purchased a used replacement handlebar set in great condition and that goes with the bike so you can just swap it out. There are a few tiny rust pits on both rims but they are really tough to see standing up and looking down. The rear tail light assembly is shiny chrome but there are some tiny rust pits on the surface about the size of a grain of pepper. The Front fender had some tiny pitting on the top and I buffed most of it out. The buffing left a little dullness to the chrome in the center but again, ts hard to notice unless you're looking for it. If you open the seat and look at the side frame tube, here is some very slight surface rust there that I just haven't taken time to remove with a Brush. The only other thing I have noticed, nd its only because I've seen it before on other bikes, here is a hairline crack forming on the upper front fork tower brace. Very hard to see or notice yet. I purchased a replacement fork brace so if it got any worse I could swap them out. Again, retty common on these bikes if you look for it. There's also the common issue with small CB sohc's that when you run the bike for an extended period and it gets really hot, ou can see a small sheen of oil on the mid level cylinder fins where they meet the case. This is likely due top the expansion of the aluminum and the age of the head gasket. There is no leaking, ust an occasional sheen on the fin. This bike is stored in my garage on concrete and I've never seen a drop of oil under it.

Again, orry to be so wordy, ith all these things being barely noticeable but I prefer to share the complete history and condition and let you make up your mind. I have taken a close up photo of each of these issues noted above. I think the photos show how difficult these issues are to see, ut I want to give you a good description of the imperfections.

This bike is really a great candidate to tweak and finish up for a show bike, r you can add it to a classic collection. I've loved it and would not sell it if any of my kids were interested in bikes.

Winner must pay $500 non refundable deposit via PayPal within 24 hours of auction end. Balance is due in Cash at pickup or by a certified cashiers check drawn on Wells Fargo Bank within three days after auction end, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed on in advance.

The bike is located in Spring, X zip 77386. I will not ship the bike but will help facilitate your shipper pick up. I can hold the bike for up to 14 days after Auction end. My wife will charge you storage after that. I'm happy to arrange to meet your shipper at my residence, nly after payment is confirmed cleared by my bank.

Please do not ask me if I will end the auction early, ave a buy it now price, isclose the reserve amount, trade for a boat, ar Etc., rovide financing, tc., tc. The answer is no.

If you have low feedback or sales experience on eBay, lease contact me before bidding, therwise your bid may be canceled.

Thanks in advance for bidding!

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