1990 Kawasaki KLR650 Tengai Paris Dakar Style Limited Edition Dual Sport

Kawasaki KLR

Price: US $3,700.00
Item location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: KLR
SubModel: Tengai
Type: On/Off Road
Mileage: 19,000
Engine size: 650
Vehicle Title: Clear

Im selling my 1990 KLR Tengai edition. In 1990 for the US market Kawasaki produced this sub model of the KLR650, t looks as though it shares alot with the standard KLR, owever it has some little differences: including slightly different suspensions and forks, airing and plastics (obviously), arger 6.1 gallon fuel tank, ifferent ergonomics and stance, pgraded dual piston front brake caliper, he seat is shaped slightly different as well. The instruments for the day were a big improvement over the standard KLR I was told by my local Kawasaki dealer.
The bike runs and rides excellent, take very good care of it. Its got new fork seals, alve adjustments, park plug, il and filter, uel filter, nd im sure more im forgetting.
Just PA state inspected and is ready to ride anywhere.
Its a big bike when you sit on it, m 6' 1" and it feels big to me, owever once you get it moving it feels very light and nimble. I seldom take it offroad other than having ridden it in my extremely large grass yard often. Its a great bike to ride any distance as its extremely comfortable and the fairing and handgaurds block quite a bit of wind, oreso than you would think they do.
When I first bought the bike, havent owned a dual sport for years, rimarily I ride sportbikes. However the rarity of this bike really appealed to me. Only a 100 or so were ever imported into the US and only in 1990, nd it was only produced two years later available outside the US market. You definitely wont see another one. At least I havent.
The bike is in very good shape overall as the pictures show, t has a few scratches from normal use, here are some small cracks in the plastics here and there, ll are not easily noticeable except for a tiny piece missing on the left side cover (visible in the photographs). Also there is a plastic bottom cover that wraps under the frame, piece of this bottom cover is missing on the shifter side, t is not noticeable at all unless you look under the bike. The handlebars have a very very slight bend to one side. It happened I was told when the bike fell over once, t never bothered me, s it is extremely slight so I never replaced them, ou could easily pickup a pair of new bars for it if you chose. Lastly there is a little bit of surface rust on the frame under the battery box, here a battery must have leaked at one time. All these flaws I mention are extremely small items, just want any defects the bike has to be known to anyone interested in it.
I made a video of the bike with startup on You Tube, ust search: MR170578vxa Tengai And you will find it.
Anyone interested is welcome to come see it in person before making an offer on it, ust contact me thru ebay to do so, m sure it wont disappoint you. I am selling it AS IS, o if you are thinking of having the bike shipped, will aid in anyway possible, owever keep in mind you would be buying it sight unseen off of a few photographs and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once the bike leaves my hands, OU OWN IT.
I have the bike listed for sale elsewhere and this listing can end at anytime due to sale of the bike. Also I ride the bike often, ileage will change from the odometer photo im sure til its sold.

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