lambretta gp jet sx 200 road racer spares repair project

Price: £2,000.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Make: Lambretta
Model: gp 200
Type: Scooter
Year: 1969
Color: Red
Engine size: 200
Performance upgrades: Brakes, Special Exhaust/Slip on, Suspension, Tuned Engine
Start type: Kick start
Drive type: Chain

 lambretta gp 200. project. i believe this is a spanish jet 200. first registered 1/4/2003 in uk. old G reg 1969? 3 previous owners before myself. the last owner had this scooter since 5/11/2005. i bought it 27/8/2014. during last owners time it started life standard gp200 used to travel all over country with his local club he was part of. then the engine was highly tuned by the owner a well know face in the lambretta tuning scene Vince "vinnocenti" smith. this man has tuned and raced lambrettas since being a boy. he bored it out to a 240cc along with other mods and had it running at 22. 4bhp which isn't bad for a scooter and he showed me the dyno prints stuck on his garage wall to prove this. used to do sprints and races on this "street racer" still road legal. one of the pictures is of Vinnie doing a sprint on this scooter and if you dig deep on the net there are more pics and info. around 2009 he decided to strip and rebuild this scooter as a full time racer as he has done in the past. when stripped down he was offered a good price for his tuned gp 200/240cc engine and a standard sx200 engine in part ex. so he decided to take the deal and strip and tune the sx 200 engine while he was doing the rest. whilst stripped in his garage his circumstances changed and lets say this scooter hasn't been touched since so has sat approx 4-5yrs in bits then i bought it this year. my intention was to rebuild it back to being road legal all parts still there but i have no experience with lambrettas at all and have now come to the conclusion that someone with more time and experience will be better off with this project. so that's the history as i know it. now:Spanish frame in decent nick for age some surface rust round welds and underneath but not deep corrosion. the frame numbers match the logbook but these have had blobs off weld over some of the numbers/letters because it wasn't going to go back on the road but you can still make them out and see they match up. he did say the weld should chisel straight off and reveal numbers again but i haven't bothered. some of the holes for seat and back rack/spare wheel have been welded up but will drill out if needed. leg sheild in good straight condition and still clean up pretty well nice bright red. rear foot boards bit tatty and have holes for strips welded up again will drill straight out. the original side panels were sold and fiberglass ones bought to replace. these are in white primer. the original front mudguard was sold and a carbon fiber one bought to replace. this has never been fitted looks really well. the original headset was sold and replaced with a genuine SX headset and the forks shortened to give better riding/racing position and better looks. i bought a second hand seat because there wasn't one with it. its it good nick in red leather with lambretta across back. but needs the catch/plate it locks onto (bout ??6 off ebay)has a toolbox for front in red ok condition. the under seat toolbox is missing also the door for front of this missing. this was one of few with the original front disk brake but this was removed and replaced with a setup from a piaggio zip which suits the scooter better and also has anti dive mechanism with this. upgraded rear adjustable gas shock. also original one asswellthe wheel rims have been freshly powder coated black which ive had done. the rear wheel is a wide rim. one new tyre never fitted and one old tyre (no good for road)the engine is completely stripped all appears to be there other than missing piston and cylinder head and the flywheel fan and cover. the engine casings are genuine innocenti stamped and have the numbers on but doesn't match logbook due to being swapped/part ex'd as explained above. this engine has had a port ground out below the crank which then uses the bump stop as a "boost bottle" to give more power. this requires a bit of welding to finish. there is 3 different sprockets and chains for different ratios. spares sets of cylinder bolts bearings and many other bits new in bags i don't know names of all bits. there is the original jetex carb and the upgraded mikkuni carb much larger with sets of different jets with thisray-speed exhaust which has been split open to remove baffles so it acts as an expansion chamber and re-weldedthere is cables. wires. original front and rear lights/ number plate board. new set of foot board grips/strips. all the rubbers from around panels. some spares as i can see there is multiple of some items. there is lots of receipts and old mots etc as you can see in picture. full log book in my name and addressim sure i will have missed stuff and as ive said i have no knowledege of these scooters so if there is any more details you would like. any close up pictures etc etc please just ask and i will email them to you. viewing is highly reccomended before bidding. you are bidding to buy not to haggle after. i have descibed this to the best of my knowledge which isn't great so please get in touch. no overseas buyers. collection only. no returns. this will fit in the back of a large car with seats down. non payers/ messers will be reported to ebay. advertised elsewhere i reserve the right to remove add at any time. thanks for looking. happy bidding

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