1969 Norton P11A Ranger rare unrestored survivor vintage classic AHRMA

1969 Norton P11A Ranger

Price: US $5,100.00
Item location: Laredo, Texas, United States
Make: Norton
Model: P11A Ranger
Year: 1969
Mileage: 999
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear

On offer is an rare (only 499 built) P11 Ranger, "hybrid" Norton Atlas 750 twin engine with lightweight Matchless frame, nobby tires, ong suspension, nd alloy parts including oil tank and mudguards. Frame and engine numbers are matching This bike is almost completely original with the exception of a purple paint job (in decent condition), ield-fabricated rear mudguard bracket and coil bracket, nd a replacement rear brake pedal lug. Other than the paint, he bike appears totally original.The bike sat disassembled in a garage for many years, as carefully assembled and serviced (nominally), hen started and run very briefly. The bike's basic valuation (starting bid) was confirmed by Mike Partridge of Walridge Motors, recognized expert on classic British motorcycles.
ENGINE &COMPONENTSThe engine is TOTALLY original and appears to have never been opened. The engine has excellent compression, o excessive oil leakage or exhaust smoke, nd it starts, dles, nd runs well. It is recommended that the engine be thoroughly flushed and given a major tuneup for general reliability if the buyer does not wish to totally restore it. When it was assembled to check running condition, t was only lightly flushed, alves were checked for clearance, nd the carb bowls, ets, lides and enrichers were cleaned; NOTHING WAS REPLACED.The primary chaincase was opened to free off and clean the clutch plates, s well as service the primary chain; all appeared clean and unmolested with original stake marks for the case fixing screws perfectly aligned.The mufflers were rotted out on the bottom sides and were patched by a competent welder; they are the rare type with removable end cap & baffles. The tachometer drive is missing; I am providing an empty tach drive body. Replacement mufflers and tach drive are available through Walridge Motors.
CHASSIS & SUSPENSIONThe Ranger's chassis is in very good condition; straight and reasonably good paint with just a few scratches and chips you would expect after 45 years. The sidestand has not stressed the frame at all, nd the yokes are in great shape; steering damper is all original and works great. Shocks are slightly scratched but have good damping and no evidence of oil leakage. Forks were carefully disassembled and cleaned, he gaiters were totally perished and need replacement to keep water out of the seal cups. The stanchion tubes are in good condition and the seals did not appear to be leaking. The swingarm swings smoothly and the bushings appear to be in great condition with no perceptible slop. Steering bearings were cleaned and greased on assembly; there was no wear or damage evident whatsoever.
WHEELS, RAKES AND TIRESThe brakes work quite well. Axle bearings rotated smoothly and were not disturbed on assembly. While the rims appear to be structurally sound and true, hey do exhibit some rust of the chrome; spokes and hubs are in good condition. Since the (likely original) tires were not removed, he condition of the inner surfaces of the rims is unknown. The tires hold air for a while, ut obviously need to be replaced.
BODYWORK & CYCLE PARTSGas tank, idecover, nd oil tank were painted at some point, o the condition of the original base metal is unknown; however, t appears to be very straight. The original alloy fenders are in great shape with only VERY minor nicks and scuffs. Rear fender mounting bracket and coil mounting bracket were field fabricated by me and do not have the same exact shape as the originals (I did not have patterns to copy, ut they are nicely made). All of the other brackets and mounts are in very good shape with typical scuffs and scratches on the original paint. All other parts, evers, hain, tc. appear to be original and have typical surface rust, cratches, tc. Cables were lightly lubed and are all operational, ut have typical cracked, orn and dull plastic sheaths. Working condition of the meters is unknown. Seat is all original with some age cracking of the seatcover near the bottom lip trim; there are no tears on the topside. I was unable to find the original rear brake pedal pivot lug, o I substitued a close replacement that works well and is completely secure. Original bash plate, ach cable & speedo cables are not installed, ut included.
ELECTRICALThe original electrical wiring harness is in good condition and exhibits no modifications or damage. Actual working condition of the lights was not checked, ut is assumed to be proper with only a slight possibility of bulb replacement being necessary. All electrical components are in good, riginal condition. Tail light lens is the original Lucas "beehive" part, eadlight is also original.
OTHERThis bike is sold with a Bill of Sale only. I can provide a clean Texas title apart from the auction at buyer's expense. Shipping is not included, ut I can deliver as far as Dallas or Houston at buyer's expense. I recommend Keyboard Motorcycle Shippers and/or J.C. Motors for long-distance door-to-door shipping; they have each done well over a dozen motorcycle shipments for me with 100% satisfaction and zero issues.
BOTTOM LINE“What you see is what you get”,PERIOD. No bull, o fluff, o hype. This complete, etailed auction listing description says it all, nd the photos back it up. I can send detail photos as reasonably requested. I’ll answer any questionsEXCEPTthose that indicate you didn’t read the description all the way through; in that case, on’t be offended if I don't answer.
This bike needs nothing more than new tires & tubes, few bits & bobs, nd a proper paint job, o make it an EXCELLENT example of a mostly original Ranger.Thanx for bidding!

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