Skyjet 125 thingy, all rather horrible but runs and has a current MOT

The bike that puts "rust" into "Trusty"

Price: £102.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Bovey Tracey Devon, United Kingdom
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I bought this bike for my son to learn gears on. It has been great for that. I had an Mot done in July and it has been used a bit since then but now it is surplus to requirements and some lucky bidder can take up the joy that comes with owning one of these. As you can see from the pictures this is not a cherished play thing. It is actually pretty dire and I hate it. The Chinese concept of motorcycle manufacture appears to be to make everything out of some form of oxidised pig iron apart from those crucial load bearing parts such as footrests and exhaust hangers that they make from cheese. This ensures that no part of the bike is immune to corrosion as soon as it comes into contact with air. I can only assume that this is a form of built in obsolescence because there appears to be no mechanical reason to ever change the bike. It will run forever on a teaspoon of second hand petrol and only requires servicing every second millennium or so. Even then. as long as you fit a rusty spark plug taken from a high mileage Honda the little Skyjet will be happy.  On this particular bike the high tech oriental digital display has failed. I think it is the LCD screen that has water ingress and as a result I have absolutely no idea of the mileage or how fast it is going at any given time but I don't care. Other issues are a missing indicator lens that had fallen off by the time I got home from the Mot station. a stiff clutch. presumably due to the cable being neglected since new. a tired battery. although it starts easily on the kick starter. various bangs and scrapes. rust. oil and dirt. missing pillion pegs. missing plastic panel on the sides and the rear brake sticks on sometimes and rattles so I stopped using it. The numberplate is huge. I ordered a square one from a car parts shop and they supplied one that should go on a 4x4. It probably slows the bike down significantly with the drag that it creates so bear that in mind if you are into street racing. You are welcome to look before bidding. you can even have a test ride. if you try to steal it I could probably run faster behind you and grab the pillion handle. it would never pull both of us along! Having said that. if you imagine a poor copy of a very old motorcycle design made out of cheap material and then left outside for a couple of British winters it is unlikely that you will be disappointed when you see it.  Needless to say this is a no reserve auction. why would I????I hope whoever wins finds joy and contentment with it. stranger things have happened. COLLECTION ONLY. I CAN'T POST IT. IT'S TOO BIG!!!!Good luck. Mot until July. no tax. Bike is in EXETER. DEVONRe-listed due to yet another idiot non paying bidder. This is a genuine sale. if you live on the other side of the country please make sure you are prepared to collect it if you win. Let's be honest. it's not a high value Ducati so it probably isn't worth the hassle unless you are fairly local.  

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