Matchless / Jap Vintage Beastie. Running Project. Rigid / Teles 1950s Barn Find

Price: £251.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Dronfield, United Kingdom

Right. well. errrrr. OK. I. not quite sure where to start with this story. This beast is a bit of a miss match machine made up out of bits and pieces. I am given to understand that its a Matchless frame with a converted rigid rear end. It has a 600cc JAP side valve stationary engine bunged in it which seems to run great. Its running through a Burman gearbox. of the type fitted to Ariels. with Ariel chaincases. Its got japanese forks and wheels from what I can tell. a home made exhaust and the rest is the usual bits and pieces thrown on. Someone has worked hard to throw this together and have done a sort of passable job. Its not registered and I don. know what you would get it registered as or how you. get it registered. Quite honestly. despite the work thats been put in I don. know if it wouldn. be better broken up. However. this Frankenstien of a bike is together and does live. and I don. believe in spannering stuff down that lives. Someone might want it as a field bike maybe. or someone might want to have a crack at getting it registered or even carrying on with the project. I don. know. Its up to you. I see that someone has drawn a scorpion on the tank. I suppose thats what passes as customizing these days is it ?. I suppose that they would class this a rat bike in the custom world. Well with that big jap engine in it. it would be good to cook rats on once its got warmed up I suppose. Whats happening with this is that I am going to list this bike for a pound with no reserve and see how the bids go. If theres no obvious interest in a few days. then I. l stop it and bust it so don. be shy bidding. Give me a sign that someone out there wants this beast. otherwise its death by spannering down next week and we. l lay it to rest. I need a positive sign that someone wants this or its curtains for it and make no mistake. Frankenstien bike has 3 days to live. Bid to save it. or come Monday I. setting my big hammer man on it and believe me no amount of lightning will bring in back once he has had 10 minutes with it. If there are bids before then I. l let it run and you can save it. Viewing is welcome as ever. I won. charge if you want to take pictures of this strange beast. 01246 411977 for an appointment. Collection is preferred although I can arrange for delivery within the mainland UK by courier for £100 if required. Finally if you bid you buy. no tyre kicking excitement afterwards please (as if). And finally. really finally. if ANYBODY dares email in to say that this is none standard I. l send round the man who built this job with his big hammer and his crowbar to explain how he did it and to demonstrate a few of the better moves on you.

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