SUPER RARE 1968 T305 2Stroke Early SUPER BIKE New ZeroHr Eng

1968 Suzuki T305 RAIDER

Price: US $3,500.00
Item location: Lakewood, California, United States
Make: Suzuki
Model: T305 RAIDER
SubModel: Early 305cc Japan SUPER BIKE
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1968
Mileage: 1,507
Engine size: 305
Vehicle Title: Clear

This Beauty was in "The WORLD LARGEST M/C SHOW ON EARTH" "TWICE" Nov. 2014 & Nov. 2015..She was Featured in the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Booth..BOTH Times !
You May never see another 305 Early Japanese TWIN Two Stroke "SUPER BIKE" With so Few Miles ONLY 1507 and She is SOOO Original ! ! These AMAZING SUZUKI's T305 RAIDERs Were Considered SUZUKI's Early SUPER BIKE... This Exact Model was only Built for ONE Year 1968 so these are very RARE INDEED !!! She is Soooo RARE that value guides has insufficient info to even place a value on her ! ....Priceless?
....Please note this T305 bike was only made one year in 1968 (It is very similar to the X Six Hustler & the 315 cc REBEL) & keep in mind the 315 is FAR MORE COMMON and FAR LESS COLLECTABLE & a Nice example of one of a 315 that (they built for about 4 or 5 years) Value GUIDES for OVER $6,250.00 ! ! ! ! ! ! This Bike was in Dry storage since about 1969 or 70 & a couple of years ago We Rebuilt Engine so her BRAND NEW Rebuilt ENGINE has ZERO HOURS on Her !!!! (Please see some of the Replaced parts pictured below ..In addition to what is pictured below we also Installed Brand New (NOS) 69'Cylinders and Brand New Heads etc etc & Her entire chassis has ONLY 1507 ORIG. Miles & is the Most Original & undisturbed bike like this, have Ever Seen !...If you pass this one up Good Luck finding another SUZUKI 305 Early Japanese SUPER BIKE at anywhere near my Super Fair Price !
PLEASE NOTE: This Beauty is the Most Original Vintage Bike I have personally ever owned or seen !!!!!!!!!!!(IE) She has Her Original 1968 Factory SUZUKI Seat,Padding & Seat Cover, Tires, andy Tangerine Paint, as Tank Tank Rubbers, uddy foot Peg Rubbers, riginal Shocks, riginal Toaster Gas tank Rubbers, eadlight & I think Hand Grips etc etc etc !
When this Motorcycle was introduced most M/C Enthusiasts considered this 305cc as "SUZUKI's early SUPER BIKE" ! She has just a little over a thousand miles on Her Entire Chassis 1507 Original Miles ! & then she sat in Dry Storage since about 1969 or 70.. When I got her several years ago I took her apart & cleaned her thoroughly & at this time. She has normal and expected patina on her Chrome & some very Normal and Expected VERY slight fading on her paint. Her Engine's Entire Top End was Rebuilt & is BRAND NEW (IE) I bought ALL Brand New old Stock (all of the main wear items of the Engine) (IE) & yes they are all BRAND NEW with "ALL SUZUKI FACTORY PARTS" (Updated Brand New .000 (Standard.) Brand New old stock 1969 315 Cylinders, 000 (Std.) Pistons, 000 (Std.) Rings Heads, rand New Piston Wrist Pins, iston wrist pin Clips, rand New Rod Bearings, rand New Old Stock Cylinder Head & Cylinder Base Gaskets, ew Factory Rod Bearings etc etc) She was upgraded to the next year Bigger Better & FAR More Efficient Cooling Heads & 315 cylinders etc.etc. & she has Upgraded & Vastly Improved individual High Performance air cleaners...& yes! She has "GREAT COMPRESSION" & Her engine is ALL REBUILT & READY TO GO ! ! All of Her wire Loom looks Overall Great ! At nearly 70 years Old .. am more of a two stroke Dirt bike guy than a street bike guy & therefore, t this time... I have never tried to start her. I have a Brand New Battery in it's shipping box for another bike, hat looks like it should fit her, hat I will give "FREE" to the Lucky New Owner, amp; the Battery is still in it's Original Box & she has an electrolyte charging kit etc etc also included in it's Shipping Box. She also has a Brand New Drive Chain etc. Again, he has sat in dry storage since ~1969. So I would check her over very well (fluids etc etc) before you bring her back into service ...Again, have have never tried to start her, his bike was FEATURED in the Worlds Largest M/C Show on Earth "TWICE" Nov. 2014 & Nov. 2015..In the Coveted VINTAGE JAPANESE Motorcycle Clubs Booth !!! BOTH TIMES !...Please see below pictures of Both years Participation.

IMPORTANT >> PLEASE NOTE: Just Last November 11/20/2015 thru 11/23/2015 This Auctions
& also November 2014.. This Auctions EXACT bike was Featured & in Nov. 2015 her 2 Cousins (the Beautiful CR 125M HONDA ELSINORE Vintage Motorcycle) & the Other yellow Suzuki Enduro of my Vintage Bikes were also in "The WORLDS LARGEST MOTORCYCLE SHOW" On EARTH ...At the Los Angeles Area "Progressive Cycle Worlds MC Show" in our "VINTAGE JAPANESE Motorcycle Clubs Booth" ! ! ! ! ! ! This last year out of the 10 bikes chosen to be in our VJMC Booth we had "3" of our Vintage bikes present at the V.J.M.C. booth this year alone !!!.. This auctions Bike & Her 2 Cousins (IE) the Green/Aluminum 1974 Honda Elsinore CR 125M tribute & the Yellow 73' SUZUKI 400 ENDURO & This Auctions STUNNING 1966 the Candy Tangerine SUZUKI 305 Twin The Early Japanese Suzuki SUPER BIKE...All three of my Bikes were built in my shop by my Mechanic & I and They were 3/10 of the 10 Bikes that Were chosen to be in our VJMC Clubs Booth this Year ! ! Over the past 5 years I have had 15 Bikes in our VJMC Clubs Booth "In this ..."WORLDS LARGEST M/C" Show Alone" ! So Yes ! the bike you are Bidding on & Her 2 Cousin Bikes Pictured Above in Our VJMC Clubs Booth ..I know ..(Trust me I built ALL of these Bikes) !!!!!! (PLEASE NOTE: I am losing my Storage & all of the 3 bikes we showed at this Show this year.. I have already sold off all the other 2 bikes I brought to this Show & this...The 1968 the Candy Pearl Tangerine SUZUKI 305 Twin SUPER BIKE I have held off selling till right now..But She is the very last one I have left from the show & if anyone knows how RARE & AMAZING this bike is I am sure it will also be gone very soon.
I will be glad to provide the State of California DMV "Print Out" for his Motor vehicle that Proves that she is 100% FREE & CLEAR of any and ALL back fees & FREE & CLEAR of any back penalties and FREE & CLEAR of any back registration fees etc etc ....& I will provide the New Lucky owner with the above mentioned "Original DMV Print out' for this Wonderful Bike & a "California Department of Motor Vehicles" * NOTARIZED * "Transfer of Ownership"(State of California DMV Bill of Sale) from myself to the New Owner of this Wonderful Bike to the new owner. this is typically how Most Vintage Show & Display Bikes + also Vintage RACE Bikes etc etc Bikes Typically get transferred from owner to owner here in California..& PLEASE NOTE: Here in California this is what you will need to get this bike reinstated for street use here again in California & again I will Provide the Lucky New Owner with a "NOTARIZED" California DMV "Transfer of Ownership" Form which I will have NOTARIZED for you, he DMV History Printout of this Wonderful Vintage Bike & I will gladly provide all of this for the new owner upon funding of this Wonderful Bike.

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