Vespa VBB 150 1961 Restoration Project

Price: £490.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom
Year: 1961
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It is with great reluctance that I am selling my project due to lack of time and funds and I need the money for other things and to keep her indoors happy! Someone will benefit from all the hard work I've done. There's not many chances like this around to restore an early Italian manufactured VBB1T let alone with all the hours spent on it. Loads of photos of work done so far below. I'm still unsure about selling this!!

https://www. flickr. com/photos/127717930@N06/sets


If you cannot access the link I can email photos I think. Once this bike is complete you'll have a super rare sought after early Vespa classic scooter. Genuine Italian and not Indian dodgy import. You just need a dating certificate.


Vespa 150cc VBB1T 1961 Last used 1976 with tax disc to prove

Frame is really solid all over with just usual little bits and pieces. Loads of experts have said this is a solid project

No other paperwork available as it was imported years ago and just sat waiting restoration

Matching engine and chassis numbers all original as from factory which is why I bought it. Date verified to 1961 and built in Italy

I've chosen to complete an as per factory restoration so it's all 8" wheels and the 6V electric system

Entire bike is complete as per the first photo but I've taken it apart for rebuild but it's all there

Spare side cowlings too in superb condition

Fully rebuilt original engine with loads of new parts including new clutch. new stator. new flywheel. new ignition coil. new kickstart. new brake shoes. new carburettor. new air filter. new oil seals. All bearings replaced including main crank bearings. Engine is ready to fire up.

Spare 150cc engine in photos available too with donor parts or you can sell it for funds

original engine parts available for reusing if you wish

Frame has been shot blasted and primed ready for any welding

Brand new scooter floor and side panels from all style scooters if you choose to weld them on or frame can be welded as it is

Brand new cable set. wiring loom. spare new bearings. fuel pipe. rear brake arm levers and lots more.  

Parts like original cowlings. headset. fuel tank and front forks etc still need to be blasted

Some Vespa specific tools available too like flywheel pullers. clutch nuts. petrol tank tool etc.


There's a serious amount of kit available here and I'd estimate it's combined value as minimum £1500 (more than that spent getting it to this point!) including the frame and all parts. The hard work is done with this one. To complete is the frame welding. a respray and then rebuild the engine and parts back on.


Come and see everything on offer too as I've missed out stuff for sure. Call me on 07869 101815. I can always sell the parts separately and easily get my money back for this. Advertised elsewhere so if it sells I'll pull the advert.

On 25-Oct-14 at 19:05:30 BST. seller added the following information:

In response to many questions here's some more specifics:Chassis code which is clear is *VBB1T189 - - * (the dashes are there to protect my scooter)Engine code is *VBB1M824 - - * (the dashes are there to protect my scooter)This scooter has all the parts with it as it came off the production line in 1961. You can have the 1976 tax disc too. You can also have my Large Frame restoration manual. The code on the chassis is really clear and the same for the engine. I had the blaster keep well away for the chassis number to preserve it. This is verified as Italian manufactured in 1961. This is not an Indian or Spanish scooter. This is the sight after early VBB with lovely curved edges etc. You need a dating certificate which is £10. You are buying:The frame which just needs some welding as it is primed and readyAll the original cowlings. headset. fuel tank. forks. wheel trims and seat etc. in other words everything in the first photo I have bought a separate pair of cowlings which are in excellent condition with no welding requiredThe original engine which is now fully rebuilt and ready to fire up with all the new parts listed above. This took time and patience and the con rod is running smooth. free and true with the piston in the cylinderAn extra 150cc engine with a 10" wheel diameter used for donor parts. Cases in excellent condition. Still has parts to use. It's the shiny engine in the box in the photoI also have all the old engine parts which are in the red box above bagged and labelledBrand new floor pan if you choose to replace the floor - personal preference Brand new left and right leg supports if you choose to replace - personal preferenceNew nylon cable set completeNew 6v wiring loomNew carburetor sealsNew spare bearingsNew gasket sparesNew fuel pipe with wurth securing ringsNew fuel pipe and spare fuel pipeAlso Vespa specific tools such as fuel tank tool. clutch compression tool. clutch nut tool. main shaft castle nut toolYou need to do some welding to get the frame ready for further prime and spray. You can then add the engine and all the other bits for a highly desirable and rare scooter. With the time and money I've spent and with the parts here you will not lose money on this even with the extra parts you need and the time you need to spend doing. I love this scooter and I hope you will too.  If you wish to offer me then go ahead but don't make it insulting please. Mark on 07869 101815. Many Thanks.

On 26-Oct-14 at 19:26:35 GMT. seller added the following information:

Had a few questions about the welding:There are some cracks to the rear of the floor runners and around the edge of the leg shields. This is VERY normal for a Vespa of this age. There are also some holes to the left and right floor runners where the frame was blasted. Again very normal of this age. This is NOT difficult welding. It is basic DIY level welding or easy for a pro to sort out. I've been told it would take a welder less than a day to put straight or do it yourself and save the money. Some people choose not to blast the frame. I chose to as I wanted to be clear on the condition of the frame. And I'm well chuffed with it and pleased I did. I didn't want to simply fill it and hope for the best. This is not a bodge restoration. It was going to be properly done and that is the solid base you will be buying. There is nothing to hide here. No rust and no filler. If I had to guess I'd say you have no more than £500 to spend on parts to complete this scooter. Then it's just a case of your time. effort and love to put into it. To give you a guide a less sought after 1965 Spanish built frame with NO ENGINE sold last night here for about £650. The bike as I bought it in picture 1 was about £900 and there were buyers lined up! I was the lucky one. But if you know your vintage rare classics you'll know all this already. 1970's and 1980's scooters are common but you can't buy these 1961 scooters as projects or completed restorations very often these days. This is a rare opportunity.

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