1987 Yamaha TZ250 T 2KM barn find TSGP post classic TT Manx RS 1RK 4DP 4TW ICGP

Price: £4,500.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
Make: Yamaha
Model: TZ250 T 2KM
Type: Racing (not road legal)
Year: 1987
Gears: Six-speed manual

1987 Yamaha TZ250 'T' 2KM GP race bike

Direct from Japan. this is a genuine and original. low mileage Yamaha TZ250 2KM from 1987. The bike is about as original as you are likely to find. coming as it does with genuine Yamaha paddock stand and original bodywork - complete with detatchable knuckles and radiator vents. which is incredibly rare to see. If you know your Yamaha race bikes. then you can see this bike is clean and hasn't done much work. It still has the factory carb covers. nuts. bolts. fasteners and plastic shrouds it had when it left the factory nearly 30 years ago.

The 1987 'T' model 2KM was the last 'forward facing' parallel twin TZ250s made by Yamaha - a design which they had stuck to since the 1960s. This bike therefore represents a valuable part of Yamaha history and is destined to be a highly prized model by collectors and investors. Investment GP bikes are usually based on rarity - so this one year only model is sure to deliver on that front.

It is sold as orginal and unrestored. offering a great way for the average man to still buy an affordable two stroke from the 1980/90s. It's rare to find 'genuinely original' bikes these days. as most have been thrashed. modified or partly restored with varying degrees of success.  The tyres fitted look to be period 1980s. showing just how little this bike has been raced. They are as you'd expect cracked and need replacing. as do the fork seals and over all the bike needs recommissioning. The tank has a dent in it on the left and given its age. some of the metal work has a light covering of oxidation or rust.  You can find more photos of this bike on our website: Gecko Motorcycle Imports. (As this bike is also advertised on our website. we may end the auction early).

Why spend your time watching meaningless TV. when you can while away a few hours cleaning and fettling in the workshop/garage? It's rare to have a hobby you can enjoy and make money from.

Sold with no reserve. no warranty and no return. If you are a worrier. or a perfectionist. please view before bidding.

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