1975 Harley-Davidson Other

Price: US $12,099.00
Item location: Long Island, New York, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Other
Year: 1975
Mileage: 99,999
VIN: 1C10039H5
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear

If you've ever dreamed about owning one of the most desirable, arely-available motorcycles in the world, his is your opportunity. This is an ex-factory racer originally sold through a dealer in Buffalo to a privateer in Canada who raced the bike through the seventies and 80's.
Eventually the bike was sold-on and a series of subsequent racer/owners made their own modifications, fairly common practice at the time (which ultimately led Harley-Davidson to end production of complete XR750s after 1980). The major and important original components of the motorcycle were retained and in some cases are especially rare.
For example, he frame has a rare feature Harley-Davidson produced on a limited number of factory frames, he supposed (but never used) mount point for an ignition coil on the frame neck as shown: The front and rear magnesium wheels, eighing in at 7 and 11 pounds respectively, ightened the bike which ultimately put more horsepower at the rear wheel - just where champion flat trackers wanted it. Known as a"strike year" XR750, 975 editions were actually factory-delayed 1974 bikes, s shown in the engine number stamping. To further prove the provenance of the motor, ine bore numbers on the left and right side cases match, ndicating that these cases have stayed together, ll the way down the assembly line and since leaving the factory. Left Case Right Case A more recent prior owner made the decision to turn the motorcycle into a so-called Street Tracker. The stock oil tank was replaced with a "horseshoe" tank, oncealing the added battery. This powered lights, orn and non-stock electronic ignition. The housing fabricated to hold the ignition is mounted on the on the right-side modified cam cover, here it is driven via the tachometer drive cam gear. Dependable magnetoand ignition tuningwere a constant issues with competition XR750s. It was a pretty common sight to see racers grabbing and moving around their magnetos (relocated from the stock front-mount to the right-side tach-drive mount, uring a racein often vain attempts to correct the magneto's movement caused by vibration. Eventually, lectronic ignitions all but replaced magnetos in competition bikes. Correct Mikuni carburators. Petcocks are stock however they are from a 1980 model. The seat/tail is reproduction along with the the primary cover and left-side footpeg. The Engine and Transmission Primary (left) side of engine in stand Front exhaust valve--note the even spaces of the valve keepers which is a sign of careful assembly. Front & rear heads removed; note the long studs; one the differences between a XR & XL egines Front cylinder removed--good clean bore of iron liner Rear cylinder--also w/ a good bore. Rear piston--very good condion Front piston also in v.g. condition; note race part # The reason the H-D lower end is bullet proof--the fork / knife con-rods keeping the crank pin short & reducing flexure. Piston wrist pin removal tool used during engine deconstruction -- relieves the axial stress on con-rod bearings. Cam gear with aligned valve timing marks A view of cams in and out of the cover--J cams in excellent condition. Cassette-type transmission; very robust XR750 engine and transmission internals. Cases and crankshaft not shown. Cases and Crankshaft Carl Patrick Exhaust on stock headers Rubber looks new but shows cracking from bike being on static display for several years prior to this recent disassembly. To a trained eye, here are other minor modifications or aftermarket parts on the bike, uch as bars, riple clamps (incorrect pictured however winning bidder will getcorrect triples and stem), hifter lever, ill switch, ight side peg, lutch lever, rips. The throttle is correct, owever one of the two ferrel notches is broken thus not pulling the cable. There are also extras, uch as the rear disc brake, aliper and master cylinder and kickstarter assembly (installed as part of the bikes transformation to Street Tracker). The aftermarket stand is included. Auction Nitty Gritty

I set out to give bidders direct crystal-clear and transparent sight of the condition, onafides - and not - of this particularXR750beyond any previouslylistedthat I had ever seen on ebay before.

The reasonable reserve takes account of the above and also, hat reassembly of this carefully cataloged and boxed complete bike is required by its new owner.

My intentions were to restorethis bike to as-raced form. But then out of nowhere along came a 1970 Iron XR750 and there went all my cash. (I wasn't looking for another XR750. It found me. And my wallet).

I will leave it to the new owner to decide what they wish to do with this bike.

There are many, any more detailed photographs of each granule of this motorcycle. This is useful for bidding but also, o whomever puts the bike back together. Everything has been painstakingly indexed, ocumented and photographed primarily for that purpose.

The bike is located in Long Island, ew York. Local collection by winning bidder or their shipper, s at their own expense. The bike is sold as is, here is, ith no warranties expressed nor implied. Bike sold with bill of sale only. While I have done the best I can to include and photograph known defects, t is the buyer's, ot the seller's responsibility to ensure that buyer is satisfied with the condition of the motorcycle before bidding. Therefore viewing before bidding is encouraged. Just contact me to arrange. Bike is for sale on other platforms as well as locally; so bid early to avoid the listing ending before its conclusion -- which will indeed happen if a non-ebay offer exceeds its latest bid amount. Bidders with less than 10 (100% positive) ratings will have their bids removed unless prior approval has been made following contact with me first. Do not bid if you don't have the certainty of completing the purchase, ith funds, ocation and shipping arrangements all taken into account. Please feel free to ask any questions on this amazing piece of history.

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