1966 Harley Davidson Shovelhead FLH Original Paint OP Shovel Dresser Bagger OEM

1966 Harley-Davidson Other

Price: US $16,000.00
Item location: Graham, North Carolina, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Other
Year: 1966
Mileage: 24,750
Vehicle Title: Clear
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I am listing this bike as a fixed price listing and the make an offer option for a couple of weeks. while I wait for my state title to come via the mail in my name. (usually a 10 day process after DMV inspection. ) They inspected it and gave me the go ahead last week. If nobody makes me a resonaible offer that I accept before it arrives I will switch over to a NO RESERVE auction and the highest bidder will win. If you have any questions. concerns or need more info give me a call or message me here. 336. 324. 0083

This opportunity doesn't come along everyday. You are looking at an original 1966 FLH Shovelhead. I pulled this bike from a barn a few years back. When I found it. it hadn't been ridden for quite awhile. (The original owner said the motor was making a horrendous racket at higher rpms) So I bought it with full intentions of rebuilding the engine while repairing all that it needed. It had near an inch of dust and grime covering it. I brought the bike home and there it sat for nearly a year. Finally with my schedule cleared and a few weeks to dive in to it I began by washing the dust and grit off. The bike had at one point been back yard rattle can painted. I knew right off I was doing the motor so I tore it down piece by piece. I noticed the inside of the tanks where red and the underside of the fenders too. It looked to me that whoever spray bombed it didn't bother to take the sheet metal off. This excited me. I've heard stories of people taking down paint to reveal a cool old custom paint job underneath. I set the sheet metal aside and began tackling the motor. I pulled the top end off first and boom the issue literally hit me in the face when a piece of piston slung out.  The front piston had a cracked skirt between rings. He had to have barley run it to have not completely blew it up from that point. Since I was there and had already ordered parts for the complete rebuild I went ahead as planned. I got the cases split and flywheels rebuilt. New crank pin. Rod bushings. Pinion shaft and drive shaft. along with all lower end bearings. I rebuilt the heads and went to . 10 over for the cylinders. The rebuild included all new gaskets. seals. and NOS . 10 pistons and wristpins. I decided to go the crust-oration route. I usually bead blast and freshen up the raw aluminum for rebuilds. but this bike was mostly original looking and bit of a rat or barn find vibe going. The patina suited the bike. It went together as easy as it came apart. No broken studs. fins. nbsp;repairs to cases or anything for that matter. It has an untampered VIN and has matching belly numbers. matching rough casted 66 heads. 66 date coded cylinders. and all correct original hardware. Got the motor back in and decided to see how it ran. Popped the tanks back on and fired her up. Man it runs nice and smooth! I've driven it like that for almost a year. around 750 miles trip meter. I rebuilt the wheels and repacked them with grease. (last year of the star hub) I replaced the rear tire with a replica because it was a little worn. I drove it like that til a few weeks ago. I decided it was time to check out the paint underneath before I put it up for sale. I was sure it was going to be the original but figured there would be some issue as someone went to the trouble to paint it. I removed the sheet metal and went to town with a mixture of chemicals an peeled off the top coat and the primer. To my surprise the original paint underneath was surprisingly intact with no major dents or bondo at all. It came out awesome! Now the bike is a real head turner. I have loved owning a bike that someone so long ago kept in such good condition.

This bike runs awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to ride it anywhere and the electric start is such a treat compared to all my kick only bikes. It shifts well and when you ride it you can tell it is really a bike that has only 24k original miles. The speedometer is original and works good. I have no other reason to believe the bike isn't showing actual miles. It has all Guide marked lights and spot lights. All lights work properly. The wiring is the original and could use attention in the near future. Hasn't caused any issues yet but some connection ends are bare and the cloth covers are slowly breaking down. It has the original linkert DC carb with internal push throttle. (there is no return on the twist throttle) not for a beginner rider. But this is how it was stock and original!

All the one year only original parts are intact. Rough casted heads. DC linkert carb. right side petcock 5 gallon tanks. handlebars. I would go so far as to say its got 99% original Harley parts. (only reason I say 99 is some expert out there will correct me) Im no expert but have had and ridden many old bikes and none are as nice and complete as this bike.

With the exception of a few dress up items and covers its exactly how it would have rolled off the showroom floor. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or message me here. 336. 323. 0083.

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