1977 fxs lowrider, original paint, survivor, very rare

1977 Harley-Davidson Other

Price: US $10,000.00
Item location: Hampton, New Hampshire, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Other
Year: 1977
Mileage: 40
VIN: xxxh7
Vehicle Title: Clear

This is about as rare as it gets in my opinion, nly 3200 1977low riders were ever made. the design took off and everyone wanted one!!! there were over 20,000 made in 78 compared to just over 3000 in 1977. i own Live free cycle sales in southern Nh, specialize in 1977-1979low riders. Ihave owned, estored and sold a lot of these bikes over the last 5 years. This is the only one i have had that was spoken for in advance and also the nicest one i have had as well. The original owner passed away adecade ago and the bike sat in his basement untouched for even longer than that. When found, t was given an EXTENSIVEservicing Tins were taken off and buffed, ome of thefront fender was touched up then buffed. The brakes, ulbs, ires all replaced. New fluids, ew gaskets in the entire top end and primary!!! whole drivetrain waspower washed as well. some of the engine paint was also touched up with the correct harley davidson paint. This bike does not leak any oil, t does not smoke, verylight, witch, orn works, uns, rives and shifts like new. Needs nothing, et onand enjoy!! to the untrained eye, 1977 looks just like a 1978, hat is not true. 1977 has a lot of one year only items and this bike has all of them
1977 only frame (floorboard mount present only 1977) (see photo)Exhaust, eader pipe is a one year only toaccommodate for the floorboard tab, otally different than the 1978 and later, ook closelyand then look at a later bike, ou will see the difference.1977 only muffler with date code1977 rear caliper with date code1977 mechanical brake light switchsnorkel air cleaner backing plate
This is the REAL DEAL not a bike built frompieces, ot found all modified and brought back to stock. this is an original machine that has lived its entire life stock. not restored, ust cleaned and serviced and made rideable again, nbsp;therehasn't been a 77 lowrider of this caliber on ebay in the last 7 years ihave been looking. bike has a clear title and isready to go anywhere in theworld i canassist in overseas shipping.
my youtube page is kinglingley you can see this bike run there andmany other bikes i have sold, estored or built thank you joe

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