1976 KZ900 LTD KZ900B Limited Kawasaki Z1 Vintage 1 year production rare

1976 Kawasaki Other

Price: US $2,100.00
Item location: Massena, New York, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Other
SubModel: LTD
Year: 1976
Mileage: 35,000
VIN: 999999
Engine size: 900
Vehicle Title: Clear

Photos and lengthy description are at bottom of this page. Questions ? : 613-571-9322 (call or text) or message me on here. Here is a nice 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 LTD. It has had two owners. one from 76-80 and another from 80 to preset. I have had it for the last 3 days. I have decided to sell this KZ as it does not fit my collecting interest. I have 20+ Suzuki sport bikes on hand that all need attention. Kawi is my not forte. This KZ was ridden regularly until 89 when the last owner parked it in his garage. as he bought a new Harley. All I did in the photos is surface clean the bike. it is straight and true with no evidence of crash damage. The man I bought this from had the engine *completely rebuilt* top and bottom circa 1985 at a local Kawasaki dealer. He remembers spending $2600 on the rebuild; when I asked the purpose he said it was to freshen it and give it more power. The previous owner does not recall if it was now at 1015cc or bigger. It does not leak hardly a drop of oil - I moved it from where it sat for couple decades and there was a drip spot the size of a quarter. I have not taken the effort to clean the tank and carbs as I feel this is best done by the person that will be restoring the bike. and hence I have not had it running. It turns over as it should with the kickstart. It comes with two seats - the original and a period aftermarket plush touring. There is a large fuel tank on it now for touring and it comes with the smaller original tank as well. Also includes a period passenger back rest/rack. crash bars. cafe style windshield with mounts. Shipping options:This KZ is currently in Ontario Canada and has a clean and current Ontario registration - I can import it into upper NY State (Massena NY) and deliver within a one hour drive from Massena to accomodate any shipper - for a nominal fee (max $100). We are familiar with importing. and will provide all the proper documents - (an easy process for vehicles 25+ yrs old). I have a facility in NY state that I can drop the bike off to where it can sit awaiting pickup. as well. I will offer to look into shipping quotes - I have one good shipper that works from Mid America and up and down the eastern seaboard at very good rates. Canadian bidders: I can offer to deliver anywhere from 1hr east of Montreal. all the way down to Chatham Ontario - in and along the 401 highway at nominal cost. Pickup in Cornwall Ontario area available as well. International bidders - I will work with International bidders. and can offer crating services and personal delivery to ports in Montreal Quebec. Alternately. I can look into delivery to any shipping port on the Eastern Seaboard in the USA. I would strip the bike and repaint the frame as it is rusty. there are no cracks in it anywhere - took an even closer look at the neck and gussets and they are fine. The exhaust header pipes have some rust in some recessed areas which will clean up on the bench. The muffler baffles are both disintegrated. with corrosion making its way to the surface on the right muffler. the left muffler has slight corrosion in the same area. The airbox and intakes look fine/complete and un-cracked although I have not had them off. The carb-to-engine boots look fine and are not obviously cracked from looking although I have not had the carbs off. The carbs are correct and look nice and relatively clean on the outside. with the overflow tubes still mounted and plumbed as they should be. The throttle moves and snaps back as it should. the grips appear original. The passenger/driver foot pegs are original and hardly show any noticeable wear and have no crash rash. The rear shocks are desirable. period. Yoshimura dual spring units - one is missing its' bump stop - The previous owner said they were expensive at the time. but decided to upgrade so he could handle mountain twisties better with his wife/gear on board - he said it was money well spent and the shocks now deserve a re-furb. Both wheels are nick free. and will clean up nicely - clear coat is wearing but not failed. The signals are good with no scratches. one lens has some cracking. The rear glove box tray is present. factory labels still under seat. Some leather loss right under the bottom lip of the seat in one area about a inch or so long - otherwise seat is very nice and with good foam. Tail light is uncracked. rear fender is fine. original plate mount. The engine will clean up and present nicely with little effort. no broken fins. There are no oil leaks present on the outside of the engine - by that I mean I did not need to wipe any oil from the cases - there was just shop dust. There is no evidence of liquid gasket on covers or cases - re-build was obviously done with proper gaskets (a little white sealant or maybe lithium on cam cover gasket and plugs as should be) The phillips cover bolts can use replacement for aesthetic purposes - there are no scuffs or rash on any of the covers. Myself. as well as the previous owner. agree that it would be hap-hazard to put the engine into service immediately after sitting so long - the previous owner did spend much money re-freshing the engine completely a couple years (not many miles) before he parked it and he was adamant it would be foolish to not do a general inspection prior to any heavy throttle riding: makes sense. There is no center stand. Clocks are OK except there is some under-glass substance that will clean up after dis-assembly. housing is fine as are the indicator lights. The bike wiring harness is in nice condition in original neat routing with original ties. The left handlebar control switches move freely and look decent - the right controls move as they should but need re-finishing probably due to brake fluid. The bike rolls easily. the brakes do not drag. Both the small and large fuel tanks that are included have rust inside - petcocks move - there is only one cap to share between both - the smaller fuel tank has a small dent in it. Overall. all the chrome is acceptable and will improve much with some detailed bench cleaning - but the handlebars. stemn nut. headlight bucket bolts and handlebar clamp bolts are too rusted for my taste and will be easier to replace - same with the mufflers but if it is possible to re-build the baffles then they might be serviceable. The discs are in nice condition with no grooving. very minor rust that will clean up well and are in spec thickness. Fork tubes clear coat shows wear but has not failed. fork uppers are very nice with no pitting or rusting. You are already probably going to install new wheel bearings. neck bearings. swingarm bushings. tires. brake lines (maybe. out of safety). fork seals. chain/sprocket (which look recent) - although the previous owner says it was well maintained. Paint needs to be re-done. tank and cover badges are fine - side cover plastic pins intact as are grommets. tank hold-down is there. the seat hinges are fine and latch key-shuts with no effort. One key that looks original. no tool kit or manual. Front fender has a small rusted/dented area at the tip. Kick start engages/snaps back as it should. has some chrome loss. Brake pedal is nice. Rubbers still in the battery box. fuse box is fine. ENGINE SERIAL : Z1E121543Here are the pics of the additional smaller tank (bike key turns the cap lock BTW). the plush seat - an aftermarket C G unit specifically for the LTD. a back rest and a National Windscreen - some of the mounting hardware for the screen is shown. the arms are included but may take a while to uncover but they will be sent to the buyer)

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