1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1-R D1:

1978 Kawasaki Other

Price: US $3,383.33
Item location: Mansfield, Ohio, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Other
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1978
Mileage: 27,344
Color: Blue
Engine size: 1,200
Vehicle Title: Clear

Up for sale is my 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R.   I originally started to build this Kaw in 2005 for my dad. but mom wouldn?€™t have it.   So we are now working on a 1967 big block Chevelle for him.   I decided to keep this for myself.  


Now. we need to move.   I thought if I could sell the Z1-R for decent money. it would help us along in getting where we need to be.   That being said. I cannot. nor will not. give this motorcycle away.  


I bought this motorcycle a few years ago as a basket case.   It did not have the original engine. so I decided to make it what I wanted it to be.   I always wanted to ?€?update?€? an old Kawasaki to look like it would if they were to build it now.   I always liked the ZRX?€™s. so that?€™s what I went for.


The bike was taken all the way down.   The frame was blasted and powder coated a deep gloss black.   It almost looks like black glass.   Other steel chassis parts were powder coated with gloss or wrinkle black.   


 I bought a ZRX swing arm and stripped the clear anodizing off.   That was a chore in itself. Then I polished it.   I rebuilt the forks with new seals in and out. added lowering blocks. and polished those as well. I polished the upper triple and had the lower powder coated.


 I changed the wheels to a set of PM wheels with new tires.   I machined new spacers. brake hanger and rod. and sprocket carrier.  


I machined. ball milled. and polished a new Grimeca caliper for the rear.   I rebuilt and polished the front calipers.   I plated the front caliper hangers.   I made wheel hubs for the EBC rotors. I bought new braided brake lines. The old rear master cylinder was replaced with a modern one off a ZX12R.   I made a custom rear rotor/ hanger assembly. It was polished along with the sprocket.   The front master cylinder was rebuilt and completely polished. Every bolt on the bike was replaced by stainless cap screws and button heads. every one of them.  


I had the body painted with modern basecoat clear coat to be similar to a ZRX.   I am trying to remember the colors. but having a hard time.   One is a Saturn color and another is a Saab color.   Sorry. can?€™t remember which.   The tank is coated on the inside. I bought a brand new lowered and tinted windshield and rubber from Japan.   I ordered a clear tail light and purchased a Ledtronics brand LED rear bulb.   Not a cheap one.   The handlebar controls were polished.   I bought new cables. too.   The dash was painted wrinkle black.   The seat was recovered in original style. but using a carbon fiber design trimming.   It has a new battery. It has new mirrors and blinkers from Japan. It has a new Pingel petcock.


I originally put an older 933 kit in the engine. but later replaced it with a 1200 kit I had.   The 1200 kit does not have the emblem on the side of the cylinder. I also put a fresh ported head on it from my drag bike.   It also got the . 429/. 460 Web cams from my drag bike.   This head went 9. 49 on my drag bike.   It has stainless valves. one over on the intake. With those cams and head. it is pretty radical. The crank is welded. It has a new HD timing chain.


 I bought a brand new vintage NOS set of Malossi Dellorto 34mm racing carbs.   They were originally for a Suzuki GS racing team and were found in a warehouse in Italy.   I machined the rack to fit the KZ head.   The boots are new.  


The engine covers and oil pan were powder coated a custom wrinkle. metallic. brownish gold. I wanted to duplicate the hard coat anodize that Kawasaki coats their engine covers. Just about every bolt-on engine item was polished.   All of the engine bolts were replaced with stainless steel allen screws and washers.   Any other Kawasaki bolts. washer. rubbers I could get my hands on. I ordered from Japan if they were available.  


I modified a header with an aftermarket stainless band clamp. coated it with a high temp ceramic exhaust coating (not paint). fabricated a mid-pipe from stainless. and put a new Supertrapp muffler and added a new Star Racing emblem.   It sounds great and is adjustable with discs.    It has a new chrome drive chain. It has a new Dyna-S and new coils. too.


I have tons of in-progress pictures.   TONS.


I have maintained a list of the items I bought for this project.   It?€™s at $9800.   That does not include any time for fabrication/polishing of anything. Ugh.   I know I am going to lose money on this. but a bigger house for our newly blended family is more important.


Now the issues?€¦


I literally got it back together today.   I think I folded over a ring because it is smoking and I am DONE. Mentally exhausted.    My loss is your gain. You can take off the head and replace it for a song and you have a one off beautiful bike.


Because this is still a 1978 motorcycle. I cannot guarantee anything. sorry.   I have described this motorcycle to the best of my ability.   It does only have about 50 miles total on it.


If you have any questions email me

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