VELOCETTE, 1960, 200 LE


Price: US $3,161.00
Item location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Model: 200 LE MK II
Year: 1960
Mileage: 20,574
Color: GREY
Engine size: 200
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Very unusual bike, here is one in the Barber museum in Alabama, eautiful steel, o rust body, ights work, orn works, xcellent tires, rakes are good, riginal leather saddle bags, xcellent seat, riving it is like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, o I put it in gear and did not try to shift and steer and throttle and brake. The bike is 2 cylinder opposed, ater cooled, haft drive, and shift 3 speed, ever hand pull start. 200cc that ebay wanted to fight about saying it was invalid. Here is a video. well i was just told i can NOT include a link to the youtube web site for the video on this. where when i contacted ebay they said that was the way to include a video, o maybe someone can explain the inconsistencies within ebay employees and rules. the youtube has title of VELOCETTE, 00 LE, r It was a cold day for a motorcycle ride. It has New Zealand papers and you will get a bill of sale upon purchase. ITS GEORGIA, HERE ARE NO TITLES ON ANYTHING OLDER THEN 1985 IN GEORGIA. The serial number is 23697 and the engine number is 200/25236 Like anything this old will need some fiddling with once in a while, peedometer does not work but amp gauge does. It has adjustable rear shocks from the top right behind the seat. This thing would make a great piece for any ones museum OR, OULD MAKE A VERY COOL WALL HANGING IN SOMEONES OFFICE. This bike is British all the way even though the name sounds Italian. Now for all the people who look at things and criticize, es there is surface rust on all the ferrous metal parts, uts, olts, ashers, nd a little surface rust on top of that oil filter housing on the right side, tc. You want a Pebble Beach show bike this is not it but could be with cubic dollars and all the rest of what goes with something like that. OH, omething that would really make it sharp would be one of those matching pedestrian slicers (as they are called) the front fender number plate, here are the mounting tabs for it. DON'T ASK RESERVE. Strange that I even have to say that. ALL OF WHAT I HAD WRITTEN WAS IN ABOUT 6 SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS BUT THAT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR EBAY SO THEY CRAMMED IT ALL INTO ONE PARAGRAPH, ORRY FOLKS.

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