1968 JC Penney Pinto mini bike with 1968 Briggs engine, vintage, classic, rare

1968 Other Makes

Price: US $250.00
Item location: United States
Make: Other Makes
Type: Off-Road
Year: 1968
Mileage: 1
Engine size: 25
Vehicle Title: Clear

 1968 JC Penney Pinto mini bike in showroom condition

This is a very rare and hard to find 46 year old J C Penney mini bike that I have completely restored with an original 1968 Briggs and Stratton 2 ?? horsepower engine. These mini bikes were made by Bird Engineering in Omaha. Nebraska to be sold by JC Penney in the 1960?€™s and 70?€™s. This mini bike was always kept in a garage under cover. It has not been ridden for over forty years. This mini bike still has its original seat and tires. so right there tell you this mini bike was not ridden a lot. The tires are not cracked at and are in exceptional condition for being the original tires that came with this mini bike. It has the original foot scrub brake and I believe the brake springs are original ?€“ I just painted them. This mini bike lives inside my house and has no gas in it. so I will not post a video of it running. but. I will guarantee that it works and runs.

As previously stated. this mini bike has mostly all of the original parts ?€“ seat. rear shocks. and even the Hunt Whide foot grips are original and are in excellent condition.  The throttle and kill button are original. but the hand grips have been replaced. It has the original wheels in great condition. The frame and fork/handlebar were sandblasted and professionally powder coated by Orange County Plating in Orange. California and I have the receipt. It was a two step metal flake Candy Raspberry powder coating process. The wheels were sandblasted and spray painted.

The engine was completely disassembled with every nut and bolt and it underwent a complete pressure wash. polished head surface and removal of all carbon deposit. All new gaskets were installed as well as new points and condenser. A new exhaust was installed. A new gas cap was also installed. It was painted with high temperature gloss back paint with new decals applied. The air cleaner foam element looks brand new. The motor was started up after restoration and ran great and the gas drained. The model number of the engine is 60102. the type number is 025001 and the serial number number is 6802231. so for those mini bike enthusiasts that know their engine designations it will prove that it is an authentic 1968 two and a half horse Briggs. It has a brand new throttle cable and stop as well as a brand new centrifugal clutch. The rear sprocket is original to the bike and I believe that the chain is also.  

Mini bikes are gaining in popularity and have significant increased in price in the last ten years. Many people. like myself. started on mini bikes back in the 60?€™s. These Pinto?€™s are the only mini bike that I know of that actually had a spring actuated center stand and it works perfectly. Most mini bikes had small kickstands. You may have had one of these JC Penney Pinto mini bikes in your younger years (myself - I started on a Lil Indian mini bike) and would like to have it again.

This mini bike with come with a bill of sale only ?€“ no title. The mini bike will be sold as-is. with no warranties implied.   Please contact me with any questions.  

Please do not ask me what the reserve price because I will not tell you and it is not fair to other potential buyers. But I will tell you that for being an exceptionally clean and restored 46 year old mini bike. having almost all original parts and completely restored ?€“ the reserve price is definitely below what it?€™s worth. In fact. most restored mini bikes that you will find on Ebay will have cheap China Predator engines installed. You will be very hard pressed to find a 1968 mini bike with a 1968 Briggs and Stratton engine.

Please check my Ebay history ?€“ it is at 100% satisfaction for a reason and ninety five percent of my Ebay sales are related to motorcycles. motorcycle parts or mini bikes. I have been riding. racing. restoring and collecting motorcycles for over 45 years.

I also have several transport contacts and can get this mini bike transported almost anywhere in the United States for much less than most motorcycle transporters and USHIP. I also have transported motorcycles to Australia and Europe and I have no issues selling to anyone out of the country. I have also sold restored mini bikes and disassembled them and carefully packed and shipped them via UPS in the continental U. S. for a small fee plus the shipping costs. I will also deliver this mini bike for fifty cents a mile. both ways. anywhere in Southern California.

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If you are new to eBay. then you may not be aware that your bid means you are buying what you are bidding on.    If you have zero feedback you must contact me to let me know that you are serious about completing the sale or I will cancel your bid.    Please bid only if you really want the item.  

You are welcome and encouraged to see this mini bike in person before the listing ends - just contact me. I will put gas in it and let you ride it for $50. but. I will not put gas in it just for ?€?tire kickers?€?. If you are the highest bidder and buy the mini bike ?€“ I will give you the $50 dollars back. I need to know you are serious about spending up to my reserve price. and possibly more. for this very rare mini bike.






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