1968 Suzuki Cobra

1968 Other Makes Suzuki

Price: US $4,251.00
Item location: United States
Make: Other Makes
Model: Suzuki
Year: 1968
Mileage: 24
VIN: T50012905
Color: Gold
Engine size: 500
Vehicle Title: Clear

As you can see from the pictures the bike is immaculate. and worthy of any collection.  It has 24 miles since restoration. just enough miles to sort things out.  The 1st year 1968 Cobra was only produced 1 year after Ford Motor complained about the use of the word "Cobra". the model continued as the 500 Titan with changes to the tank. colors and carburetors. The bike was also unique because no one had been able to produce a reliable big bore 2 stroke because mixing gas and oil couldn't provide enough lubrication with the large cylinders. one of the reasons that Kawasaki produced 3 cylinder machines. You also didn't need to mix gas and oil which meant for a cleaner burning and less smoking 2 stroke.


The Suzuki 500cc Dual Stroke". So went the proud boast of the Suzuki advertisements of the late 60's.

No-one succeeded in putting a civilized large capacity two stroke on the road in any large numbers until Suzuki launched the T500 in 1967. Not only did they make a big two-stroke that worked but they built one which was more reliable than many four-strokes of the time. required less maintenance and featured oil-injection direct into the crankcases along with massive and durable main roller bearings. The Cobra was also disgustingly fast for its capacity and put many contemporary 500cc and 650cc four-stroke twins to shame

1967 first saw the introduction of the Suzuki 500 twin. Initially known as the 500/FIVE (to celebrate its five speed gearbox) the model was possibly the first large capacity Japanese bike to demonstrate some sporting potential. Japanese technology was just waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting British motorcycle industry and the Cobra was to herald the arrival of the Super bike era.

The 500/FIVE itself was a short-lived model. seemingly only seen in any number in the United States. and was quickly replaced by the Cobra. The most significant change to the original model was given little publicity at the time despite its dramatic effect. The swing arm of the 500 Suzuki was actually changed from 52. 7 inches on the 500/FIVE to 57. 3 inches on the Cobra. This is a very radical change on any bike but on the Suzuki 500 the longer wheelbase contributed to the bikes reputation for sure-footed and stable handling.


ENGINE: Air cooled two stroke twin. bore 70mm x stroke 64mm


GEARBOX: 5 speed

BRAKES: Front: 8" twin leading shoe drum Rear: 7" drum

DRY WEIGHT: 412 lbs


ACCELERATION: Standing 1/4 mile - 13. 8 sec

POWER: 46 HP at 7000 rpm

TORQUE : 37. 5 lb ft at 6000rpm

ENGINE No. s: 12518 - 34218

The motor has been completely rebuilt from the crank up using NOS parts and as such will need to be broken in according to the manual. I have only had it up to 4000 rpm and it pulls harder than most 750's I've owned. I can just image the power the bike has once it gets up in the revs and on the pipe.  The owners manual and service manual are included with the bike as well as magazine featuring the model in 1968.

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