1969 Hodaka Ace 100 Motocross bike, rare, restored, vintage and very collectible

1969 Hodaka

Price: US $100.00
Item location: Southern California, United States
Make: Hodaka
Year: 1969
Mileage: 10
VIN: A12197
Vehicle Title: Clear

1967, 969 and 1974 Hodaka Motocross bike

This is definitely a one of a kind Hodaka motorcycle. Hodaka’s are in high demand from vintage motorcycle aficionados. It would take you thousands of dollars to put something like this together and you will not see another one like it – ever. This is a 1967 Ace 90 frame – identification number A12197, hich is located on the left side of the frame below the seat, nd not on the steering head. It has a 1969 Hodaka 100 Ace engine – identification number P23830 and has 1974 Hodaka Super Rat forks, hocks, eat and chain cover and all parts are original condition, hich, as this converted to a full fledged vintage motocross bike that is very fast and has lots of travel – well, ore travel than a standard Ace 90. I restored and prepared this bike to race in the Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge MX races.

Marty describes the Works Revenge races as “a race class that is along the lines of old days racing in the late 60’s /70’s to 1986. The 100’s were the toughest competition of the race day; it made us better riders and better mechanics out of us. Sometimes 150 to 300 riders would show up. If you won the 100’s class, ou were the man, ot an easy task. We all had Factory bikes then, e just didn’t know it”. “The 100’s were the ground breaking of Moto Cross in the USA, rom porting to custom frames, winging arms, ipes, ightweight metals and so on”.

This is a great bike to race in the vintage motorcycle races because it easily qualifies for the Vintage class. The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix (LEGP) is the first weekend of every November – so here is your chance to race with other vintage motocross bikes in one of the most famous races ever. My EBay profile picture is me racing my 1975 Honda 125 Elsinore in the LEGP a few years back.

Summer is here – time to ride and race. Maybe you had a Hodaka when growing up and as previously stated this Hodaka is one of a kind and collectible.

This a completely original Hodaka with mostly all of the original parts. The bike was disassembled all the way to the frame. The Ace 90 frame was sandblasted and painted as well as the swingarm and kickstand. The fenders and handlebar were powdercoated chrome color. The front fender was lower to the tire and attached with braces, ut these were removed and the fender was lifted to the triple clamp for increased clearance. Also all of the holes from the braces that were in the fender and bottom mud flap were welded, anded and powdercoated. The rear fender holes for the rear light and cable were also welded and then powder coated. So both fenders look much cleaner with no holes. It still has the original Hodaka tube tool kit holder, ut the battery, attery box and ignition have been removed. Other items removed include the front light which has been replaced with the 17x front number plate. Also removed were the rear light, peedometer and the hand pump that was under the gas tank. It has Magura hand grips that are in great condition. It also has very sturdy fork brace which is attached to the Super Rat fork tubes. The original non adjustable rear shocks were also replaced with 5 way adjustable Super Rat shocks that provide more travel. It has a Bassani exhaust that has no dents. It has the original steel “toaster” gas tank with the original Hodaka/Pabatco tank emblems that are in great shape. There are no dents in the tank and the two dents at the top of the tank are intentional and come stock. It also has a steel gas cap versus the stock plastic cap with a breather tube. It has a Cheng Shin 350-17 tire on the rear that has two races on it and a Cheng Shin 3.00-19 in the front that has one race on it. The rims are next to perfect and the spokes are spotless. It has an original shorter Super rat seat and cover with to cuts or rips. The engine was completely gone through and has new gaskets and a new NGK spark plug and lead. The cylinder was painted to look like the Super Rat with the two outside fins not painted, aking it one of a kind. It has a new rear sprocket as these bikes came with “dual” sprockets as well as a new counter sprocket and chain.

Starts right up, ides great and shifts great. The fuel in the tank was removed and the tank completely cleaned, fter restoration, hich I did four years ago in 2012. To show what these vintage Hodaka's are worth, here was a 1972 Hodaka Ace that went for over a $1000 and had 36 bids last week on EBay and it was in pretty bad shape - not restored or anything like my Hodaka. Check it out in completed listings - item number 233149986289.

Please do not ask me what the reserve price because I will not tell you and it is not fair to other potential buyers. But I will tell you that it is very reasonably priced for a totally restored and converted MX vintage motorcycle in excellent condition. I have over $2000 invested into this bike – not to mention my time and my reserve price is well below that amount. I have beat 125, 75 and 250cc vintage MX bikes with this 100cc bike.

The motorcycle will be sold as-is, ith no warranties implied and it comes with a valid California title that is in my name and has not been signed and/or dated. Some people will say they have the title, ut it is already signed and dated and California DMV will charge you late fees from the date that it is on the title because you only have 30 days to transfer vehicles into your name in California, fter purchase.The bike is currently on non operational off highway status and had been in that way since June of 2012 – see picture of green sticker notice. The title states that it is a 1969 Hodaka and there is a picture of the title where you can also see the VIN and engine number. There are not too many vintage MX bikes with a valid title, ut I believe in having and selling all of my vehicles with titles.

Please check my Ebay history. I have over 200 positive feedbacks and it is at 100% satisfaction for a reason. Ninety five percent of my Ebay sales are related to motorcycles, otorcycle parts or mini bikes. I have been riding, acing, estoring and collecting motorcycles for over 45 years.

I also have several transport contacts and can get this Hodaka transported almost anywhere in the United States for much less than most motorcycle transporters and USHIP. I also have transported motorcycles to Australia and Europe and I have no issues selling to anyone out of the country. I know of several international transporters and will charge only $150 to get the bike to the transporter/logistics and fifty cents a mile both ways – you pay the transporter to get it over the ocean, ut I will assist with the logistics and finding a shipper. I will also deliver this bike for fifty cents a mile, oth ways, nywhere in Southern California.

As you can tell from the pictures, his is a great bike to have.Please contact me with any questions or if you would like other pictures. You are welcome and encouraged to start, ide and see this bike in person before the auction ends – just email me.

If you are new to eBay, hen you may not be aware that your bid means you are buying what you are bidding on. If you have zero feedback you must contact me to let me know that you are serious about completing the sale or I will cancel your bid. Please, lease bid only if you really want the item.

I am not desperate to sell, m not a dealer, don't do this for a living, am a motorcycle enthusiast. If you'd like any detailed photos of a specific area of the bike, ust ask! Please ask any questions you like before bidding. You will be answered quickly and honestly. With all the bikes I have owned over the years, know how disappointing it is when someone over-sells a bikes condition so you may be sure I won't do that to you. I have disclosed everything I know about this bike and will gladly provide close up photos of any defects you may have discovered.

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