1975 Norton Commando MK3 Interstate

1975 Norton Commando

Price: US $5,005.00
Item location: Bakersfield, California, United States
Make: Norton
Model: Commando
SubModel: Interstate
Type: Touring
Year: 1975
Mileage: 30,698
VIN: 850F126642
Color: Silver
Engine size: 850
Vehicle Title: Clear

Up for sale is a very nice and original 1975 Norton Commando MK3 Interstate. History of the bike from the previous owner (previous to me) has been for nearly 30 years. His care and preservation of this bike should be celebrated. This bike has been maintained exceptionally well and in turn has been very well travelled. Although no documentation supports the recent top end and re-sleeved Amal carburetors I have been around enough of these MK3 bikes to know how well it is sorted. It starts and idles very quietly and easily with just a tickle of the carbs. No choke needed. As a matter of fact the choke cable and lever were removed and are in a bag which will be included in the sale. Once warmed up for a minute the clutch engages with little effort at the lever. Shifting is smooth and deliberate while on the road. Neutral is a snap to find while rolling or at a full stop and is assisted by the green light on the dash. The previous owner made no mention of any repairs or upgrades made to the gearbox. Just regular service as needed.As noticed the electric leg has been removed. This is also included in the sale. The solenoid and cables are with the bike. Riding a Norton as those of us who know is such a pleasureable experience and this one is no exception. It sports a 21 tooth countershaft sprocket so the power is there but with long-legged acceleration and cruising. There are no leaks from this bike save for one. When kicking the bike over the anti-drain valve leaks a drop onto the gearbox outer cover which then hits the ground. This should be eliminated anyway too many horror stories with those tenuous valves.Handling on this bike is as expected from a Norton. Vibes at idle and smooth running over 3000 revs. If I were to improve upon any part of the bike it is in this area. The suspension is set up a little softer than I prefer but this being a touring bike and the PO being an older gentleman it is probably as he wanted it. Personal preferences aside I will leave this for the new owner to decide how to cushion his/her new ride. Isolastic adjustment?All of the electrics are in good order. The headlamp was converted to a halogen style bulb for better vision. All of the lights work as they should including on the dash. The winkers are slow and sometimes intermittent while turning right. They still come on just don't always wink. Brake light comes on with front and rear hydraulic switch actuation.The stopping power of these old bikes has never been over appreciated. That being said the brakes are ample but still a little wooden on hard stops. Par for the course but improvements can and should be made. Visually this bike is just stunning. I have always appreciated originality. This bike has got plenty of that. Take a close look at the bike...the tank and side covers are steel. The chrome is still very bright. Some light wear and pitting present as expected. No rash on the alloy parts. The paint is nearly flawless for its age. For the longest time I thought there was only 1 color for Nortons...black. I have to say the silver does it for me. 1 small chip of paint at the front of the tank and some light marks and inconsistencies in the paint as expected. The frame and ancillaries are in very nice shape. The seat is all original and in spectacular condition. The hinge however is coming apart. It still supports the seat while open but this should be acknowledged. For the nitpicky you will notice that the balanced exhaust has been eliminated. You may have also noticed that the airbox has been modified. The inlet holes were cleverly cut out to accept pod type or other filters and yet still maintain the look. Brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Easier to swap filters/carbs without having to try and get those rubber boots seated. Another deviation was the installation of the Fiamm horns. Yes they sure do work. Better than what it would have come with. Easy things to live with or to change if you simply must have it 100%.Caveat time:I would encourage pre purchase inspections if at all possible. Although I'm certain I am representing this Norton accurately your expectations may not be congruent with what you see here. This is a well maintained 40 year old bike. It functions as such. Though I wouldn't hesitate nor have I hesitated to take this on long long rides it is still a machine and a British machine at that. Plenty of care maintenance and fine fettling will always be the order.NOTE TO ALL BUYERS: HAVE YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER PRIOR TO BIDDING. FULL PAYMENT IS EXPECTED IN 7 DAYS FOLLOWING THE ACUTIONS END. NOT 10 DAYS OR 2 WEEKS. 7 DAYS. I DON'T NEED TO SAY PLEASE.Please ask questions before bidding. I can store the bike for an agreed upon amount of time but only after it has been paid in full per the auction terms. I am hesitant to sell this bike anywhere outside of the U.S. due to flaky international payments. No PayPal except for the non-refundable deposit of $300.00. The rest can be wire transfer or cashiers check or cash in person. The bike will not leave until funds have been verified and cleared with exception to the lattermost payment option. The bike is stored in an industrial area where any large or small vehicle will have plenty of access. I will assist with shipping where I can.

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