1954 BSA C11S

Price: US $2,999.00
Item location: Buckley, Washington, United States
Make: BSA
Model: C11S
SubModel: C11
Year: 1954
Mileage: 1,111
Color: RED
Engine size: 250
Vehicle Title: Salvage

Includes:1954 BSA C11S VIN# FRAME: BC11S4-659 VIN# ENGINE: BC11G-1765Tag on frame is clean and clear, hould you chose to title it.
Condition: Motorcycle has a short story too it. And unfortunately for some, ill cause an eye roll two, ecause this bike, es, ere it is......... is a true barn find. While over at a friends house riding, e took me on a tour of their property and long story short, n one of the outbuildings were 3 bikes in the back corner with other bikes leaning on them. the furthest back was this pre-unit BSA. His dad said "it hasn't moved from that spot in 30 years" I brought it home and 6 months later, e had our first child. No further explanation there needed. I'm simply thinning the herd. I barely have time to ride or race, et alone perform a nut and bolt restoration that this bike deserves. At 63years old, 'd say its in damn good shape. Gas tank has a dent up top that is not creased. appears something in the outbuilding fell on it at some point. That's the only damage I can see. Bike is complete down to the oil tanks and compartments.. Fenders have dings/dents but are not rusted. no part of the bike is rusted through. The exhaust has no holes. the engine has no missing fins, he engine as you can assume after sitting in a shed for 30 years, oes not push over with a light hand push. Knowing it is likely soft seized from sitting, oes no good to gum up the cylinder anyway, f you were restoring you'd be taking it down to cases anyway. Bike even has the center stand and side stand. Dellorto carburetor. If I were keeping this bike I'd get it running, nstall new tubes, nd leave the seat the way it is. The plunger frame has no holes, ust, r cracks. Suspension works. Wheels say made in England on them. Dunlop tires. Please note: I have not scrubbed, uffed or spent hours cleaning every crevis. the bike is all there. including cobwebs in the spokes. best of luck in the auction and i look forward to working with Tim, n getting your new motorcycle to you as soon and safe as possible. There is a reserve on the bike.
Before bidding:By bidding, ou're contractually understanding that this auction is to be completed within 7 days financially, ith a $500 dollar deposit within 24hrs. Iam all about communication and swift business. Lets get this done, or both of us. I will hold the bike in my shop for Motoshippers.com for up to 30 days if you need shipping delivery delayed. Bill of sale can be provided, ou're acknowledging that this bike has not had paperwork or rolled out of an outbuilding in 30+ years. If this is all understood, lease, id away!

Shipping:This is the5th bike I've sold and Motoshippers is the only company I use. I cannot recommend having anyone else ship or pickup the bike, ther than Tim, ith www.motoshippers.com Call him or go to his website for referral. There is no one other to use for motorcycle shipping, andling, nd excellent communication throughout the process, han motoshippers.com see their website or facebook page. I would prefer to work withMotoshippers, hough, nbsp;you're welcome to get a quote from anyone in the lower 48 states. Tell Tim (the owner) that you're buying a bike from Darren in Seattle. Will only sell to the lower 48 states out of ease. Price for shipping will range between approximately 250-500 depending on where you live and how soon you need the bike!

Please see photos, nd condition will likely speak for itself! I have not SCRUBBED, uffed or spent hours cleaning every crevis. Your item will arrive with dirt on it still. The side panels areoem, nd look awesome, ven as they chipped.Very cool. Gas tankdoes not leak. I will work with shipper to get your bike headed your way as soon as possible.


***International bidders: Due to hassles and ease of sale. Sale is for 48 states USA only.***


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Due to size, eight, nd content restrictions we realize that this is not always practical especiallyif your item is over 12" x 12" x 5"

If this is the case, will useUSPS"Standard" in most cases instead of Priority.

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