1932 BSA Bluestar 500cc twinport, Vintage/Classic/Veteran motorcycle. excellent

Price: £4,800.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
Make: BSA
Model: Bluestar 500cc
Year: 1932
Color: Green

I have had this beauty for 6-7-8 years? time is traveling way faster now than I care to notice and the honest fact's of life are this. this old lady deserves better than she is getting from me. She sat for the majority of the time I have owned her under sheets in my garage while business needs and work took priority and that's not cricket is it? I came to an apithany a few weeks ago when I had to destroy my garage out back so she who must be obeyed can have a bigger living space (shessh talk about selfish huh?) and that realisation was this. there is probably someone out there who will love this old lady and actually ride her. as such I have came to the anguished decision to let her go if someone pays me what I need and she can find a new lover.

I was told about this bike by my buddy David Weston down in Dartmoor and he put me on to the owner Paul Gardiner who had done the restoration and he did it very well indeed. palms were crossed with gelt and I took ownership. I can mind the day she came I was like a kid in a sweet shop:) she was and still is a work of art and the 1930s were indeed a time of high fashion and beauty for the motorcycling world as you can see form the pics. now I must admit that I am in now way or form David Bailey and to be honest this bike looks a lot better in the flesh.

Good bits. she was running and ran sound with out any mechanical issues when laid up. the reg is transferable and may or maynot be included in this sale. The plate has been valued in the 5K region some years ago so my reserve reflects the value of the bike and the number. all the gauges are correct and refurbished as well as the rather tidy NOS Lucas horn (I believe I am right in saying it is NOS) she has the advance and retard on the handle bar grip as it should do. rear light is genuine MT110 not repo. the bikes is super. The tank is as good as they get and yes it is genuine BSA

Bad bits. battery needs re-charging maybe replacing?? the tyres need air (it is genuine 1932 air so hard to come by ;)

worst bit is the rear rim has minor corrosion. not terrible and if I didn't mention it you probably wouldn't notice it but hey I am honest.

I went a bit mad on Bluestars and ended up with another 3. 2 x 500s and a 350. they will be up for dsale in the future as I wont get them done its obvious to me now.

I am happy for anyone to come see this lady in person and am also happy to ship anywhere in the world but will require a deposit up front of ??1000 o show good faith and I charge for my time if I have to crate and materials. if she leaves the UK I keep the reg number and that's that.

any questions feel free. be aware I may take time to reply as working away from home in London during the week so bear with me

happy bidding Ya'll looks at my other auctions for triumph bonnie chop and cb750/4

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